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Atqui Wed 13-Oct-21 15:07:50

Only realised this morning that the mental health nurse goading Lucky was a figment of her imagination - (an alter ego) .Am I only one stupid enough to think there was yet another weirdo at Holby??

Shinamae Wed 13-Oct-21 15:12:32

It took me a while to realise but I did in the end….

Kali2 Wed 13-Oct-21 15:13:07

same here ...

BlueBelle Wed 13-Oct-21 16:02:38

I didn’t get it I m afraid it never entered my head
oh well thanks for enlightening me Atqui dah to me

sodapop Wed 13-Oct-21 16:15:31

Ditto BlueBelle I was just beginning to think there was something odd when I was distracted - duh indeed grin

Atqui Wed 13-Oct-21 16:42:08

Glad I’m not the only one- at least I guessed that had happened before discussing it with a friend - ( I know ,I really should get out more!)

Lexisgranny Wed 13-Oct-21 16:51:15

I noticed that the edges of the screen were blurred during her lines, and as she looked a bit like Lucky, I assumed that it was supposed to be her ‘younger self’. Holby seems to be very keen on lenses and filters at the moment.

glammanana Wed 13-Oct-21 16:53:54

Took a while for the penny to drop with me also hmm

mrshat Wed 13-Oct-21 17:35:34

Me too!

Grandmafrench Wed 13-Oct-21 18:49:32

Holby may be keen on lenses and filters - but they've definitely given up on treating patients, or indeed anything to suggest it might be a hospital drama.
How many more incidents/ accidents/ crises/ weirdos/ murders/ arrivals/departures will continue to feature the handful of staff? Last night I think the only actual patient was a strange little man 'diagnosed' as a glutton who missed any chance of surgery or treatment due to nil by mouth failure. Everyone has a problem, but they are only ever personal problems and they take up most of the time, most of a working day. It's become really dull and repetitive.

And now there's Lucky, agonising with her imaginary self (in a whisper!) and deciding to end her life. Josh, who is going to be the chosen one in Jac's new team, spending an entire shift crying or running about looking for muslins - of which he buys a pallet full. Fletch and Donna having standoffs... and how many more fires are going to be authorised in the hospital grounds? Just how many more strange people does Henrik have lurking in his past?

Hopefully this long-running series will finish next Spring without having completely destroyed itself.

In the meantime, don't think that anything you failed to spot last night, Atqui, would have made any difference at all in a conversation !

Shez1955 Wed 13-Oct-21 22:07:05

Well I kept thinking who is she. Seemed to think she’d be on previously. So thanks for enlightening me GN.

Teacheranne Thu 14-Oct-21 00:36:14

Can someone remind me who the man was who met with Hanson right at the end? I know he’s been on Holby before, a doctor maybe, but I cannot place him.

Grandmafrench Thu 14-Oct-21 09:03:22

The man whom Hanson has been asked to mentor is Oliver Valentine (the Doctor who suffered a brain injury when shot by Hanson’s mad Son). Looks very different because of long hair!

Lucca Thu 14-Oct-21 09:51:41


The man whom Hanson has been asked to mentor is Oliver Valentine (the Doctor who suffered a brain injury when shot by Hanson’s mad Son). Looks very different because of long hair!

Did he have a twin sister who died ? Gosh that’s so long ago, can’t believe I have watched this nonsense for so many years 😂😱

ninathenana Thu 14-Oct-21 09:56:02

I knew he was familiar but it was DH who had to tell me it was Guy Self's SiL but had to Google his name 😊

Grandmafrench Thu 14-Oct-21 13:08:50

Yes, he did have a twin sister, (Penny? ) who died and he is indeed the Father of Guy Self’s Daughter, Sorchia’s baby. So, even more personal angst and non-medical stuff on the cards, I’d imagine.

Aveline Thu 14-Oct-21 13:12:56

Oh blimey. So many plates to juggle. Unfortunately, I don't actually care about any of the characters except possibly Hansen and Dom's nice (adoptive) mother.

Teacheranne Thu 14-Oct-21 13:23:07

Thanks for clearing that up, it was the long hair that fooled me!

Aveline Thu 14-Oct-21 13:24:20

He passed off his sister's exam results as his own. She was stabbed if I remember correctly.

Atqui Thu 14-Oct-21 14:18:13

I think she was crushed under a train when she went to a rail crash .

GagaJo Thu 14-Oct-21 14:21:59

I love Holby. Sad it's ending. But yes, it's ended itself really by having such silly storylines.

Atqui Thu 14-Oct-21 14:33:06

I didn’t know you could have a serous spinal injury from being bashed on the head

Aveline Thu 14-Oct-21 14:34:46

It's Holby. Anything's possible. Apparently.

tanith Thu 14-Oct-21 14:45:32

Being hit on the back of the head would certainly impact the neck therefore upper spinal damage. I like Oliver not much point getting invested in characters now as it’s sadly ending, what am I going to watch on Tuesdays now? 🤷🏼‍♀️

Aveline Thu 14-Oct-21 14:52:16

I didn't think it was ending till March?