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Sparklefizz Sat 16-Oct-21 09:42:05

Hooray! A new series of Shetland starts next Wednesday smile

Charleygirl5 Sat 16-Oct-21 09:49:30

I am looking forward to it.

Witzend Sat 16-Oct-21 09:52:20

Me too!

Greyduster Sat 16-Oct-21 09:52:55

Me too! Something to look forward to on tv!

Kim19 Sat 16-Oct-21 09:55:33

Yes, I'm certainly looking forward to that. Love it.

Calendargirl Sat 16-Oct-21 09:55:37

Will it be a ‘proper’ story from the books or a made up one?

Also ‘The Long Call’ starts soon. Wasn’t impressed with the book or characters when I read it unfortunately.

Poppyred Sat 16-Oct-21 10:37:36

Oh brilliant! He is gorgeous isn’t he! ?

glammanana Sat 16-Oct-21 10:42:39


Oh brilliant! He is gorgeous isn’t he! ?

Isn't he just

Aveline Sat 16-Oct-21 10:43:23

Hallelujah! Can hardly wait.

muse Sat 16-Oct-21 11:15:38

Excellent. Season 6. I've watched them all, some twice over.
Love the Jimmy Perez character. Dougie Henshall plays him so well.

20th October at 9pm on BBC One ?

Jane43 Sat 16-Oct-21 12:30:40

I’m looking forward to it too.

BlueBelle Sat 16-Oct-21 12:37:58

Oh I didn’t realise that’s good I like that series

sodapop Sat 16-Oct-21 13:26:55

I'm looking forward to it as well, love Jimmy Perez.
I think we agreed about The Long Call on a previous book thread Calendargirl

Calendargirl Sat 16-Oct-21 14:11:33

Thanks sodapop, I thought I was repeating myself!

Although I like Dougie Henshall, I do wish he looked a bit more like how Jimmy was described in the books. (Realise this has been mentioned before also)


Boz Sat 16-Oct-21 15:08:42

Another good (potentially) series is coming soon.
Mick Herron's book Slow Horses with Gary Oldman; Spy thriller with a dash of humour.

Kalu Sat 16-Oct-21 15:16:18

As one who hasn’t read the books, I am more than happy with Dougie Henshall playing Jimmy Perez. ?

Streaky Wed 10-Aug-22 11:15:32

The good news…season 7 starts tonight.
The really bad news…final series for Douglas Henshall ???
One of my favourite series and actors. I hope they give him a happy ending and not kill him off, I don’t think I could bear that!

TillyTrotter Wed 10-Aug-22 11:19:25

A decent drama to watch - can’t wait . I like Dougie H too.

PollyDolly Wed 10-Aug-22 11:20:27

Yes, apparently it's the last series for Perez.

PollyDolly Wed 10-Aug-22 11:21:32

Sorry Streaky, didn't noticed that you had already said it.

muse Wed 10-Aug-22 12:47:18

One of the best detective / mystery programmes ever. All main characters are excellent but greatest is Dougie. Hope he gets loads more work.

AreWeThereYet Wed 10-Aug-22 12:57:39

Shetland is one of my favourite series. I love the characters, the casting, the scenery, the music. I don't care that the accents aren't all authentic to the region they all have beautiful accents. Some of the plots are a bit dark though.

I probably won't watch it once Dougie Henshall leaves - to be honest I think they should just stop making it and leave it as one of the greats rather than let it dwindle into a farce as so many series do.

Clawdy Tue 16-Aug-22 07:44:03

Enjoyed it, glad all the regular characters are back.

Calendargirl Thu 18-Aug-22 16:30:03

Not finding the new series very riveting so far.

silverlining48 Thu 18-Aug-22 17:03:56

I like it too, but need subtitles.
A friend visits Shetland frequently and loves it there. There are no trees though, but they decorate phone boxes and it’s wonderful fir twitchers.