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Who should be The Next Bond? 🍸

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FannyCornforth Sun 17-Oct-21 08:08:52

And who should have been Bond?
I remember Rupert Everett saying that the role was his ‘birthright’, and that he was robbed of it due to homophobia in the US.
Who do you think would be good?

Gwyneth Sun 17-Oct-21 08:16:08

James Norton

tanith Sun 17-Oct-21 08:19:53

Cillian Murphy.

H1954 Sun 17-Oct-21 08:29:46

Ben Miller

Marydoll Sun 17-Oct-21 08:37:04

Oh, have I missed something. I thought that was the last one! At the risk of posting a spoiler, I won't say why!

I actually can't think of anyone worthy of the role.

vegansrock Sun 17-Oct-21 08:53:09

Regé-Jean Page

FannyCornforth Sun 17-Oct-21 08:57:17

Mary you’ve totally confused me!

I’ve just been looking at the odds on William Hill. My choice is 100/1, but the maximum stake for him is a paltry £2.50!

Marydoll Sun 17-Oct-21 09:29:25

I may have totally got it wrong, Fanny. Now I am totally confused!!! 😁

Marydoll Sun 17-Oct-21 09:29:41

PS. I did see the film!

FannyCornforth Sun 17-Oct-21 09:36:58

You’re making it worse now! confused

Did you enjoy the film? Was three hours too long?
For what it’s worth, I’ve never enjoyed Bond films, but I’ve got a hunch on who the next one is going to be.

Marydoll Sun 17-Oct-21 09:41:58

I didn't enjoy it as much as previous ones, but still enjoyed it. The first half hour was just trailers, which I can't be bothered with.
I think Daniel Craig is too old for the role now. My favourite was Timothy Dalton, in, The Living Daylights. which is also my favourite Bond movie.

Do you have a hotline to the makers? Now I'm even more confused Fanny. I think I have turned into a confused old biddy! 🤣

DanniRae Sun 17-Oct-21 09:48:47

Idris Elba

Cherrytree59 Sun 17-Oct-21 09:49:59

Idris Elba .

Not Doris Elba (as changed twice by my kindle!)

Shropshirelass Sun 17-Oct-21 09:51:03

I went with my DH to see the film, I am not a Bond fan and it lived up to my expectations! DH who enjoys some Bond films wasn’t impressed and said he could have left half way through.. Not sure that the ending was how it was portrayed to be so watch this space! I do like Daniel Craig though.

Katie59 Sun 17-Oct-21 09:51:40

Whoever is chosen to play Bond the basic character will remain because it makes money, that will be the overriding concern. I would not be surprised to see a non white Bond but I doubt they will have a female or a gay Bond.

Cherrytree59 Sun 17-Oct-21 09:52:09

Cross post Dannirae
Did you have same problem?grin

FannyCornforth Sun 17-Oct-21 09:58:47

Katie I can’t see a there being a female Bond either, as Barbara Broccoli (fabulous name - I think that we should all have alliterative vegetable based names) has said that she’s against it.
I wouldn’t be surprised by a hint of bisexual shenanigans though.
But not if he’s black though, Black and Bi would be too much for the money men

I think that Idris Elba is too old. They should have cast him ten years ago

Grannynannywanny Sun 17-Oct-21 10:11:22

I’ve just been looking at the odds on William Hill. My choice is 100/1, but the maximum stake for him is a paltry £2.50!

I’m not much of a film buff Fanny and there are a couple of suggested names I don’t recognise. I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve just spent a few minutes trying to picture the actor William Hill before the penny dropped 😳

Nortsat Sun 17-Oct-21 10:14:32

Idris Elba

MayBeMaw Sun 17-Oct-21 10:19:34

Should there even be a “next Bond” ?
Camilla Long in today’s Sunday Times describes the latest Bond film as
an orgy of mediocrity. It is almost hilarious.
Even the “baddie” has been emasculated by woke or political correctness
This leaves us with a flavourless drip of no specific background, who won’t offend anyone, who doesn’t really do anything, who’s at the centre of what’s essentially a three-hour perfume ad, in which Bond breaks off from killing people only to show off his new mobile phone or eye one of the thousands of Range Rovers that cram every shot

What’s the point?

timetogo2016 Sun 17-Oct-21 10:22:58

I think this last Bond film should be the last imo.
Daniel Craig would be a hard act to follow.

Redhead56 Sun 17-Oct-21 10:24:45

Tom Hardy or James Norton.

DillytheGardener Sun 17-Oct-21 10:28:14

James Norton grin

travelsafar Sun 17-Oct-21 10:33:00

Tom Hardy, James Norton, Idris Elba can't decide out of these three.

Grandmagrim Sun 17-Oct-21 10:35:10

Tom Hardy or joe lycett