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NanKate Sun 17-Oct-21 21:48:37

I decided to watch the first episode of Blood in the Wire by Val McDermid. It was made in 2001. Instead of feeling I had plenty of episodes to watch when I am at a loss to find something interesting to view, I was horrified by the brutality of it, which included a lot of torture of gay men. I’m surprised the series was a success. I like Robson Green usually.

Can you recommend any old crime series which are worth a second or even a first viewing ? Also where they can be accessed.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 17-Oct-21 21:59:44

We are watching New Tricks from season 1 as Miss Oops hasn’t watched it, very enjoyable.

Grayling Sun 17-Oct-21 22:08:28

NanKate - after watching Val McDermid being interviewed this morning I tried to find the first episode but failed - maybe just as well!!

DillytheGardener Sun 17-Oct-21 22:31:17

oopsadaisy1 where did you find the box sets online to stream? Hope they are not on the dreaded Brit Box.

BigBertha1 Sun 17-Oct-21 22:33:53

I loved Law and Order the British version.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 18-Oct-21 00:08:13

Not sure what a Brit Box is Dilly , I think we downloaded them from Gold channel? I’ll have to check in the morning. DH did it so I don’t know where they came from.

Shirleyw Mon 18-Oct-21 03:39:20

Yes, wire in the blood is graphic and the imagination of the torture is horrendous….I am watching the ‘silent witness’ on and off on bbc iPlayer, they have all the series on there , about 25 I think, forgotten what series I am on but i do like them.

Anniebach Mon 18-Oct-21 09:38:01

I watch BritBox, not the dreaded Netflix. BritBox is America free.

Morse, Granchester, Vera, Frost, Broadchurch, DCI.Banks,
Sherlock, Happy Valley, Unforgotten, and many more.

NanKate Mon 18-Oct-21 09:53:33

Thanks Annie all the type of programmes I like.

Kate1949 Mon 18-Oct-21 10:12:01

We loved Cracker.

Parsley3 Mon 18-Oct-21 10:16:16

Bergerac, anyone?

Sarnia Mon 18-Oct-21 19:20:47

I always enjoyed The World of Tim Fraser.

MerylStreep Mon 18-Oct-21 19:27:31


oopsadaisy1 where did you find the box sets online to stream? Hope they are not on the dreaded Brit Box.

What do you find offensive about BritBox ?

Roger1 Mon 18-Oct-21 19:29:48

Happy Valley.

Witzend Mon 18-Oct-21 19:37:57

I like Dalziel and Pascoe, Rebus and Frost.

I used not to like Val McDiarmid’s books, or more precisely I tried one but the horrible, sadistic violence put me right off. It made me think she must herself enjoy it!
So I never watched any of her TV stuff.

I’ve recently read a more recent one of hers, and found it a much easier read, though.

Witzend Mon 18-Oct-21 19:39:57


I always enjoyed The World of Tim Fraser.

Oh, so did I! Is it available on e.g. Netflix?

Ditto the original Van Der Valk (Walk?) I didn’t care for the remake at all.

Marydoll Mon 18-Oct-21 19:49:59

Witzend, I was also a fan of Dalziel and Pascoe. Colin Buchanan, who played Pascoe, seemed to disappear after he left.
I enjoyed both the Rebus books and TV series.

When I was young, I was hooked on Dixon of Dock Green and No Hiding Place.

Sarnia Tue 19-Oct-21 09:15:41



I always enjoyed The World of Tim Fraser.

Oh, so did I! Is it available on e.g. Netflix?

Ditto the original Van Der Valk (Walk?) I didn’t care for the remake at all.

I am driving myself mad trying to remember the name of the actor. I will have to give up and Google it, I suppose. I will try Netflix.

Scones Tue 19-Oct-21 09:21:02


Bergerac, anyone?

Yes please!! It's been rerun in the afternoons recently and I've loved it. Love the 80s fashions and hair. Jersey is beautiful and the young John Nettles is a thing of joy. grin

Interesting article here with the promise of more Bergerac to come

JessK Tue 19-Oct-21 10:00:52

I used to love Cracker with the wonderful Robbie Coltrane.

eazybee Tue 19-Oct-21 11:46:55

I read a few of Val McDermid's books and found them sadistic in tone; I watched one Wire in the Blood and found it unpleasant so don't read or watch her work anymore.

grumppa Tue 19-Oct-21 12:30:33

Maigret with Rupert Davies and Ewen Solon as Lucas.

grannydarkhair Wed 20-Oct-21 03:50:24

Vice, with the wonderful Ken Stott. Prime Suspect, Shetland. Not British but absolutely brilliant is Spiral, on iPlayer. Other non-British - The Killing, The Bridge, Wallander, Inspector Montalbano. Not sure where to access any of those four.

absent Wed 20-Oct-21 06:00:11

I watched The World of Tim Frazer and Van de Valk with my Mum – Jack Hedley and Barry Foster respectively. When I was even younger I was a huge, but very youthful fan of the still black-and-white series of Fabian of the Yard until Patricia Driscoll – she of Picture Book fame – played the criminal who tempted the children with sweets. Rather later, I hugely enjoyed Who Pays the Ferryman? also starring Jack Hedley. Some years later my husband and I had a holiday in Elounda where pretty much every taverna played the theme tune every twenty minutes.

nanna8 Wed 20-Oct-21 06:06:36

Agree re Val McDermid books. I used to like them, perhaps I have mellowed? They get a bit repetitive. I used to like the very old Van der Valk with that blonde man, Barry Foster I think. He looked so Dutch though I believe he is English. I used to like Softly Softly when I was very young though it probably had dated now. Anyone remember Dixon of Dock Green- wow that ages me, doesn't it?