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Quick ! Help !

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Lucca Sun 28-Nov-21 18:21:28

I’ve been confined to bed/sofa for days and I need something good to watch i have Netflix I player etc but not Amazon etc. Nothing to do with Christmas please ……nothing too gory and no “fantasy”

Coastpath Sun 28-Nov-21 18:40:42

Have you seen the TV series Ghosts? It's fabulous. On iPlayer now.

Shandy57 Sun 28-Nov-21 18:46:48

BBCIplayer 'The Detectorists', it's delightful. My daughter has just finished working on a production called 'Hope Street', also on BBCIplayer.

Netflix - Breaking Bad, Schitts Creek, Downton Abbey, Anne with an E.

Lucca Sun 28-Nov-21 18:50:07

I loved the detectorists.

Not keen on ghosts

I’ll give Hope Street a try.

By the way I quite enjoyed Bump

Aveline Sun 28-Nov-21 19:54:09

I'm in the middle of episode 1 of Hope Street. I'm enjoying it. Only snag is that only one episode is online so far and I like a binge.
Lucca try 'Defending the Guilty' on BBC i- player. It's good fun but quite serious too. Also 'Impeachment' about the Monica Lewinsky scandal is an interesting drama.
Hope you feel better soon

Coastpath Sun 28-Nov-21 21:17:07

Oh yes Detectorists was wonderful!

Are you a metal detector? No, that's a metal detector, we're detectorists!

Jane43 Sun 28-Nov-21 22:26:53

I enjoyed Maid on Netflix and DH is enjoying Chicago Med, also on Netflix. I am very in to Impeachment, American Crime Story on BBC2, episodes so far (6) are on BBC iPlayer. It’s the story of Bill Clinton’s impeachment and Monica Lewinsky’s role in it. We are both enjoying Dexter, New Blood on Sky Atlantic but it may be a bit too gory for you.

MayBeMaw Sun 28-Nov-21 22:54:29

Sorry you are laid up - I watched my way through (and became addicted to) The Crown, Bridgerton, Grey’s Anatomy (but you might not like the medical bits) -these should keep you out of mischief.
Also films like Three Billboards Outside Ebbing Missouri and Vice (about Dick Cheney)

Lucca Sun 28-Nov-21 22:59:34

I love medical stuff! Have to confess to watching all of Chicago Med and Chicago Fire🤫🙈
Seen the crown and Bridger ton. And loved three billboards!

Kalu Mon 29-Nov-21 01:12:03

Grey’s Anatomy. 17 episodes. Fabulous and the dreamy Derek to feast your eyes upon.

Sorry to hear you are not too well Lucca. Hope you will be on the mend soon.

freedomfromthepast Mon 29-Nov-21 01:48:39

My guilty pleasure on Netflix is Supernatural. Not typically my kind of show, but once I started I couldn't stop. I binged all 15 seasons from March 2020 to Jan 2021. I had nothing else to do really because of, you know.

If you like medical shows, look at ER. Similar to Chicago Med. Started in the 90's. I think it went on 15 seasons too.

freedomfromthepast Mon 29-Nov-21 01:50:09

Sorry, I think you use episode vs. season in the UK.

Both Supernatural and ER were on for 15 years.

Aveline Mon 29-Nov-21 07:30:20

There can be many episodes in a season. Season = series here.

JackyB Mon 29-Nov-21 08:08:11

If you're not well (wish you well soon!), sometimes even watching may be too strenuous. Don't discount podcasts, audio books, and old comedy programmes on Radio4Extra. Plenty for free on BBC sounds, or just Google podcast and any subject you are interested in.

grandMattie Mon 29-Nov-21 08:10:24

If you remember the angst in the 90s, “this life” about recently qualified lawyers id being streamed on iPlayer. I enjoyed it…

Aveline Mon 29-Nov-21 08:28:48

Thanks for starting this Lucca. I'm finding the suggestions very useful!
Hope you feel better soon.
BTW I found myself watching Griff Rhys Jones in New Zealand on Netflix last night and thoroughly enjoying it.

lemsip Mon 29-Nov-21 11:53:10

give judge judy a watch. always my go to.

MiniMoon Mon 29-Nov-21 13:43:29

I've been working my way through the films on iplayer. There are quite a variety to choose from. DH had never seen Bringing Up Baby, it's one of my favourite movies.

Visgir1 Mon 29-Nov-21 17:40:56

Guilty pleasure on Netflix atm.. Re watching Merlin.
Plus check out Christmas films on channel 51 free view, all the cheesy ones!

Lucca Mon 29-Nov-21 17:45:40

No no no no Christmas stuff. I’m allergic ….

highlanddreams Mon 29-Nov-21 17:56:21

Offspring is good on Netflix & also Rake both are top notch Australian TV series and if you can find it anywhere A Place To Call Home is fab too.It was on BBC iplayer but I think it's moved on to UKTV play app now

crazyH Mon 29-Nov-21 17:57:37

Agree with lemsip - love Judge Judy 👍

Nortsat Mon 29-Nov-21 18:30:26

I have been watching Victoria Wood’s ‘Dinnerladies’ on BBC catch up and have laughed out loud many, many times.

I second Radio 4 Extra for plays, serials etc. I have been enjoying ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Perfectly Alright’ on Sounds BBC Radio 4 Extra.

Hope your sofa confinement ends soon Lucca 💐

Trisha57 Mon 29-Nov-21 18:33:18

Is Bones still available anywhere? I have the box set, but if I didn't I'd certainly binge watch on Netflix, Prime or whatever it was on!!!

Grandmagrim Mon 29-Nov-21 18:40:30

I loved Rake. Totally fell in love with Cleaver Green and Barney.