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Call the midwife

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Beswitched Sat 25-Dec-21 21:57:12

What did you think? It was nice but a bit dull on my opinion. Loved Lucille's wedding dress.

Aveline Sat 25-Dec-21 22:15:17

The mixture as before.

Gwyneth Sat 25-Dec-21 22:21:40

Really enjoyed it and loved Lucille’s dress. Great to watch a programme with no bad language and gratuitous violence.

Beswitched Sat 25-Dec-21 22:27:16

Nice to see Phyllis remembering Barbara.
But surely the poor woman deserves the dignity of her own bedroom at her age, instead of being expected to share with a series of young girls.

LadyGracie Sat 25-Dec-21 22:29:04

I enjoyed it as always, a bit of a happy escape from reality.

Calendargirl Tue 28-Dec-21 11:51:46

Not sure when CTM was originally set, I imagine soon after the birth of the NHS. Now we are Christmas 1966 I think?

I know we have seen many midwives come and go, but luckily, Jenny Agutter’s character, Trixie and the Turners don’t seem to have aged much over 15 or so years. Apart from Sister Julienne wearing glasses of course.

adrisco Tue 28-Dec-21 11:56:59

Series One was set in 1957 .. the year I was born. New series will be set in 1967. Will be interesting to see how far Heidi Thomas can take the story .. surely no further than 1970!

J52 Tue 28-Dec-21 12:26:03

Do you think Sheila Turner will get a new pair of glasses?

Shelbel Tue 28-Dec-21 12:29:55

Loved the wedding dress, so much nicer than the revealing ones these days.

Aveline Tue 28-Dec-21 14:09:15

I agree. I really liked Katherine's one for the same reason. So many wedding dresses seem to be either tarty or rather 'Shirley Basseyish' ( if you know what I mean!!)

Visgir1 Tue 28-Dec-21 14:17:12


Do you think Sheila Turner will get a new pair of glasses?

Hope so, they really are awful and so 1950's.

Aveline Tue 28-Dec-21 15:33:43

People hang on to favourite specs. I definitely remember teachers back in the 60s wearing glasses like Sheila.

highlanddreams Tue 28-Dec-21 17:19:21

my sister had glasses like Sheila's in the 60's and early 70's. She didn't get to choose them though, our mother did

highlanddreams Tue 28-Dec-21 17:23:13

I forgot to say I even though I enjoyed this episode, it was a bit bland & boring. I loved Lucille's dress too, it was really elegant & she looked beautiful in it

Beswitched Tue 28-Dec-21 21:57:06

Helen George has just had a baby. There was certainly no sign of a bump in the Christmas special, but I suspect in the forthcoming new series she'll be carrying large bags and standing behind chairs a lot!

Calendargirl Thu 30-Dec-21 18:50:09

Has anyone seen the trailer for the new series? There is a clip of Doctor Turner, he is grinning and winking.

He looks like a deranged serial killer!


Pepper59 Thu 30-Dec-21 18:52:52

Do you think they will take the series up to whenever Nonnatus closed? Im assuming it did at some point.

Hellogirl1 Thu 30-Dec-21 22:29:49

Well, I loved it!

Beswitched Thu 30-Dec-21 22:36:14

I think the sisters moved out of London and began to work with drug addicts. I'm not sure what year, but sometime in the 70s.
I don't really see how they can go on with it for more than a couple of more series. By the 70s the vast vast majority of women were having their babies in hospital.

Pepper59 Fri 31-Dec-21 00:24:49

Thats interesting to know Beswitched. Like others I was thinking they cannot take the series much past the 1970s.

V3ra Fri 31-Dec-21 02:41:50


Well, I loved it!

Me too 😊
Though I was an emotional wreck by the end of it 🤣

nanna8 Fri 31-Dec-21 03:54:02

I have always loved this series but I am a bit over it now, it seems a bit mawkishly sentimental and soppy these days. I think it has finally run its course.

Beswitched Fri 31-Dec-21 09:07:37

I hope they give Trixie an opportunity to move on with her life first. Not necessarily with a man, but just something. Across the ten years covered by the programme so far other young midwives have come and gone, moving on to new jobs and vocations, or travel abroad or marriage and children.

But Trixie is still plodding the same beat, coming home to tea with the nuns every evening, living like a student nurse.

She's an intelligent and beautiful woman who would surely have grown a bit restless by now and want to broaden her horizons a bit.

I sincerely hope, if they do develop the Matthew storyline, that it won't be another 'almost made it to the altar but changed her mind at the last minute' narrative. We had it with Tom and Christopher and a 3rd time would be boring.

LullyDully Fri 31-Dec-21 09:30:46

I am fee!ing that many of the programmes need to be " put out to grass"asap. Call the Midwife, Death in Paradise, Endeavour to name a few. They have lost their sparkle and are going through the motions.

( However I do enjoy Call the Midwife if I'm honest.)

Sparklefizz Fri 31-Dec-21 09:33:00


Has anyone seen the trailer for the new series? There is a clip of Doctor Turner, he is grinning and winking.

He looks like a deranged serial killer!


Do you remember him dancing around with a skeleton to amuse the children in a past episode? He looked absolutely terrifying shock