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Monty Don's Adriatic Gardens

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Kate1949 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:23:48

Did anyone watch the first one of this series tonight? Wow. What a beautiful programme. The gardens of Venice this week. We're fortunate enough to have been to Venice a few times and had no idea it had such stunning gardens or any gardens at all really. Fabulous.

Shandy57 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:32:21

Thanks for the reminder Kate1949, I'll catch up. I didn't know Venice had gardens either, I will try and visit them when I go back.

Alegrias1 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:35:29

I've never been to Venice. I thought it was a lovely program.

silverlining48 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:36:29

There is one garden along the grand canal very central where they hold the biennale, it’s not very impressive though, so will try dnd catch up with the GW ptogramme.

GillT57 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:36:41

Wasn't it a lovely programme and our Monty does wear a linen suit very well.

Kate1949 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:37:47

He does Gill smile

silverlining48 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:39:04

We wasted the evening watching Jonathan Creek, that’s an hour we won’t get back,

merlotgran Fri 07-Jan-22 22:40:31

I really enjoyed it even though I was somewhat underwhelmed by most of the gardens.

Monty was just the tonic for an evening slumped in front of the telly, wrapped in a fleecy throw and sipping my Friday night G&T which I’d been looking forward to all week having decided to do Moist January.

Kate1949 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:44:09

I confess to being a bit obsessed with Venice. Never in million years when I was being dragged up did I imagine I would go. I love the place and am grateful to have seen it. I'm looking forward to the other places that Monty visits.

Calistemon Fri 07-Jan-22 22:48:20

I've recorded it so look forward to watching it later

Calistemon Fri 07-Jan-22 22:49:02

Moist January.

I like the sound of that!

silverlining48 Fri 07-Jan-22 22:51:23

I first went when I was 18 and it’s still my favourite place to go, stunning 🤩.

Aveline Sat 08-Jan-22 07:41:03

I'm so looking forward to watching this. It's a treat I've planned for this pm.

Josieann Sat 08-Jan-22 08:06:52

I've been to beautiful Venice but regrettably the gardens weren't on my list. I guess when you only have limited time you just head for the main sights. Monty was interviewed about it on the One Show.

TillyTrotter Sat 08-Jan-22 08:23:53

Like you Josieann I went to captivating Venice when I was younger and gardens weren’t on my list of “must see” places.
There is so much history in Venice and it stole my heart.
Monty’s programme took me back - and I hope to return to Venice one day soon and see those glorious Baroque gardens.
Monty made a wonderful “Guide” .

Aveline Sat 08-Jan-22 09:38:55

I loved Venice too but I'm lucky I've been there. I've seen it. It's scary how as risk it seems due to over tourism so, much as I loved it, I won't return.

Lucca Sat 08-Jan-22 09:44:48


I've never been to Venice. I thought it was a lovely program.

Come on then let’s have a quick weekend in Venice! I love it.

TillyTrotter Sat 08-Jan-22 10:00:20

Count me in Lucca ✅ - can we ask the lovely Monty to accompany us ? 😊

Kate1949 Sat 08-Jan-22 10:05:20

I'll be there!

Alegrias1 Sat 08-Jan-22 10:05:25

You're on!!

Aveline Sat 08-Jan-22 10:15:32

Oh dear. Shakes head. Why not a virtual trip? Save the wear and tear in the place?

Kate1949 Sat 08-Jan-22 10:48:00

We'll they've stopped the cruise ships going in. That's a start. We watched them coming in. It was scary.

Luckygirl3 Sat 08-Jan-22 11:03:22

Venice is lovely - I went there for my 50th birthday with my 3 daughters, one of whom had just spent a term at the university there, so she could take us to all the best things and was very knowledgeable about the art.

It was a lovely programme last night, but I was not that impressed by the gardens. I am intrigued to know about the soil there and how it is there at all! I will research it.

Aveline Sat 08-Jan-22 11:12:50

I'm very glad they've stopped the cruise ships coming in. Some of them are massive!

ayse Sat 08-Jan-22 11:18:34


I'm very glad they've stopped the cruise ships coming in. Some of them are massive!

I’m glad too. I wish they’d do the same in Malta. They are just so huge and out of place.