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Hidden Assets - BBC IPlayer

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TerriBull Thu 20-Jan-22 09:21:18

I discovered this good Irish made thriller, which has somehow slipped under the radar. Seems to have been launched on I Player in the way Keeping Faith was before it became well known. Worth a watch if you like your crime taut and fast moving, plus an added bonus of the action switching between Limerick and Antwerp.

TerriBull Thu 20-Jan-22 09:32:46

Meant to add it's a series, I think six episodes.

Witzend Thu 20-Jan-22 09:42:03

Thanks, TerriBull - will keep it in mind for when we’ve finished A Very British Scandal on catch up.

Boz Thu 20-Jan-22 09:48:36

It's very good - not so horribly, sensationally drenched in gore as a lot of stuff with the main detectives acting naturally and sensibly. We will watch the lot (6 ep.) straight through on the player to keep up with the plot!

westendgirl Thu 20-Jan-22 09:59:59

It's on BBC4 on Saturday at 9 p.m., started last week.

TerriBull Thu 20-Jan-22 10:11:28

Ah BBC4, that makes sense, it has a very European feel to it and that's the channel I go to when I want to see foreign made productions. I do usually check their Saturday evening 9pm slot, don't know why I didn't last week. Anyway, binge watching it now as I did with The Tourist.

Sparklefizz Thu 20-Jan-22 10:42:50

I am watching it. So far, so good.

Lincslass Thu 20-Jan-22 10:54:17

It is an excellent series, have last one to watch.

Kim19 Thu 20-Jan-22 10:55:04

Thank you. I will certainly investigate that.

MerylStreep Thu 20-Jan-22 11:00:42

Really enjoyed it. Did anyone else spot the bad un’s early on?
I did 😉

Jane43 Thu 20-Jan-22 11:37:41

I discovered Keeping Faith last year and watched all the series which I enjoyed very much. Inwill check this one out, thank you.

Airedale19 Thu 20-Jan-22 20:21:39

Thanks for the recommendation. Watched first two episodes this evening on iPlayer. It’s a good series and I will be watching the remaining four episodes.

Iam64 Thu 20-Jan-22 20:28:18

I’ve just finished Hidden Assets. I enjoyed it, the two main detectives were likeable. It was good to watch them work together, discuss, disagree and co-operate. Their vice - the occasional ciggie. Such a relief to have ‘ordinary’ personalities, and the effective teams they each led.
Great scenery, excellent plot and I do hope a series 2.

gulligranny Fri 21-Jan-22 22:06:16

We have just discovered this and watched the first two episodes this evening - excellent stuff, we'll probably do 2 more tomorrow and the last 2 on Sunday. Pity it was stuck away on BBC4, it deserves a wider audience.

Grandmabatty Sat 22-Jan-22 18:02:28

Thanks to this thread, I discovered Hidden Assets last night. I'm just on episode two but I'm really enjoying it. It has a feel of the Nordic crime series like The Bridge.

Sparklefizz Tue 25-Jan-22 20:43:35

I think there might be a 2nd series.

Iam64 Tue 25-Jan-22 21:25:18

I hope so

Aveline Wed 26-Jan-22 15:00:10

Really good programme. I'd never have watched it unless I read this thread. Thanks all sunshine

Grannmarie Wed 26-Jan-22 17:56:19

Thanks for your recommendation, TerriBull, I've started watching Hidden Assets, I'm trying hard not to binge watch cos I sat up till 5am Saturday morning watching all of Ozark season 4, part 1, 7 episodes!! So compelling!
I think the policewoman in HA was in The Commitments?

LilyoftheValley Wed 26-Jan-22 17:58:10

Terribull Thank you. I can add this to my library!

Grannmarie Wed 26-Jan-22 17:58:15

I think it's the same channel/ time slot as the brilliant Spiral, one of my favourite European dramas

choughdancer Wed 26-Jan-22 20:43:24

I've started looking on the Gransnet TV etc. forums to find drama series to watch, and every one has been a winner! Just finished Hidden Assets and loved it, and in particular liked that the women are not all pencil thin and beautiful, and so seemed much more real.
My only criticisms of some of the dramas I've watched are that everyone looks too perfect, and that their houses are clean and polished to perfection without even a used coffee mug or a smudge on the kitchen work surfaces.

ayse Wed 26-Jan-22 20:49:55

Great series. Yet another great European drama. BTW there is loads of European drama on Channel 4 under Walter Presents. I’ve paid for ad free so that helps although some still “have some commercial messages for contractual reasons”.

I’m currently watching The Tudors again but beware it’s not all historically accurate.

Granniesunite Wed 26-Jan-22 20:51:02


Really enjoyed it. Did anyone else spot the bad un’s early on?
I did 😉

Me too.😀 but I still enjoyed this series…..

ayse Wed 26-Jan-22 20:51:10

Perfect people seem a bit thin on the ground in European dramas.