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BigBertha1 Mon 24-Jan-22 22:44:10

Couldn't understand a word of it. Gave up after 15 minutes.

dragonfly46 Mon 24-Jan-22 22:46:21

Me too!

Smileless2012 Mon 24-Jan-22 22:46:34

Managed to stick with it but don' know if I'll watch tomorrow. Slow, bitty and a bit depressing really.

Pittcity Mon 24-Jan-22 22:49:44

I gave up too. Glad I wasn't the only one. Nothing was happening.
Social media is full of praise for it and I'm baffled.

GillT57 Mon 24-Jan-22 22:52:44

Well acted but depressingly gritty.

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 22:55:15

Another bundle of grey misery and violence.

I didn't really watch it but DH persevered until the end, but complaining about it so I don't think he's all be watching more.

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 22:56:50

But then there was Rita Tushingham 🙂

Kate1949 Mon 24-Jan-22 23:03:24

I loved it. I thought it was different and Martin Freeman was fantastic. A bit of comedy too.

Lilypops Mon 24-Jan-22 23:06:26

Martin Freeman was very good in this drama , totally different from anything else he,s ever done , not sure if I will keep with it, As a Liverpudlian I found the use of F——-g every other word a bit much, making out we all talk like that , well we don’t,
It gives Liverpool a bad impression ,

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 23:06:33

I missed any comedy apart from the little dog sitting on the toilet seat.

I do like Martin Freeman normally but everything on BBC lately seems to be filmed in the dark

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 23:08:09

^As a Liverpudlian I found the use of F——-g every other word a bit much, making out we all talk like that , well we don’t,
It gives Liverpool a bad impression^,

Don't worry, every drama on the BBC is littered with bad language now, whether from Liverpool or not.

Lilypops Mon 24-Jan-22 23:15:51

Callistemon , But it was every other effing word he effing said to effing night!!!

Curlywhirly Mon 24-Jan-22 23:16:14

I found it depressing and not what I would call entertaining. Thought Martin Freeman's acting was first class though.

Callistemon21 Mon 24-Jan-22 23:19:08


Callistemon , But it was every other effing word he effing said to effing night!!!

I meant don't worry, every drama set in every place is littered with swear words on the BBC, not just those set in Liverpool!

maddyone Mon 24-Jan-22 23:46:41

I didn’t think it was riveting.

Chestnut Tue 25-Jan-22 00:02:26

I had recorded this but definitely won't be watching now. I've had more than enough of dark storylines, Police investigations, murder, gruesome deaths, body parts, flashbacks in time, mysterious plots where the pieces are pieces. And most of all BAD LANGUAGE which as stated is in every single drama now. I'm really sick of it all. I'm looking for decent drama and it seems the only way to find it is in the old series (like wot they don't make any more) of which there are plenty on Drama channel and others. I'm ploughing my way through Tenko at the moment. Now there's an outstanding drama with no lip fillers or even a spot of make up. Real women enduring real hardship. No convoluted plot either. Just brilliant.

Welshwife Tue 25-Jan-22 00:05:01

DH gave up after a few minutes - I agree with all that has been said about dark and the swearing etc but I had to keep watching. Depressingly I think it could be how it is for some officers and areas - it just happens to be set in Liverpool but I think it could have been anywhere. I was very surprised he was out patrolling those types of places on his own though.

I also watched a couple of months ago the ambulance crews of Liverpool - and what lovely inspiring people they all were - plus most of the patients.

Maggiemaybe Tue 25-Jan-22 00:20:27

It’s not often we give up on a new drama, but we switched off after 20 minutes. I’m getting so tired of relentless gloom and misery. Then to cheer ourselves up we started watching a film DH chose - The Souvenir. And I hated that as well. Perhaps I’m just getting too demanding in my old age. grin

Rowantree Tue 25-Jan-22 01:01:20

I loved it. Completely different from other police dramas. Showed another angle from the usual 'tough cop' stuff.

eazybee Tue 25-Jan-22 04:06:47

I stopped watching it because I found the constant use of foul language by the script writer really offensive; the insulting belief that this conveys an air of realism and true drama when it just covers up a sensationalist plot and poor writing.

Kim19 Tue 25-Jan-22 06:06:22

I am delighted with the vast consensus here. I thought maybe it was me! I do so like MF and I was so looking forward to this. Ugh! I persisted for twenty minutes but the dark mumbling and unkind mockery was too much for me. Maybe it will improve but I won't be discovering that. Shame...... I'm definitely moving on to light and bright and, if that means golden oldies, so be it.

BlueBelle Tue 25-Jan-22 06:21:23

I watched, I didn’t enjoy it I m not bothered about the language the f word is a very ordinary word now and not deemed as swearing by the younger generation but I wasn’t inspired by anything in it
Understanding it didn’t bother me I always use subtitles for all dramas I don’t know why people don’t, but although I ll probably stay with it for the next episode I m not chomping a t the bit for it

Calendargirl Tue 25-Jan-22 06:51:07

I put this on, but after reading the write up in my TV guide, wasn’t sure I would like it. Well, I didn’t. Don’t want to offend Liverpudlian grans, but the accent grates on me, find it hard to follow even with sub titles. And it looked just another miserable police drama.

I switched off after a few minutes and watched CTM, also a bit miserable, but familiar.

LtEve Tue 25-Jan-22 07:37:55

I hate to tell you this but swearing is endemic in all the emergency services, not in front of patients/general public but in crew rooms/ break rooms/vehicles etc it will be every other word. a way of letting off steam I guess as most of us don't at home. Most of the general public the police come into contact with are even worse.

I haven't watched this programme but if it didn't include multiple swear words it would be totally unrealistic.

Ambulance crews filmed for reality TV know they have to behave totally differently in front of the camera so you don't see it then.

cornergran Tue 25-Jan-22 07:44:24

We watched to the end but didn’t enjoy it, agreed not for us. Struggling with tv schedules we watch less and less.