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Derry Girls

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Jaxjacky Wed 13-Apr-22 08:47:23

Anyone else watch it last night?
Made us laugh, love the soundtrack, and a welcome surprise appearance!

Marydoll Wed 13-Apr-22 08:52:14

Is it a new series Jax. We loved watching, when it was previously on.

Jaxjacky Wed 13-Apr-22 08:55:27

Yes, series three, 9:15 channel 4 Tuesdays, as good as always but sadly the last series. There will be a film though.

Marydoll Wed 13-Apr-22 09:25:31

Oh, thank you, Jax. Something to look forward to. The remote control is in isolation, along with DH. grin

muse Wed 13-Apr-22 09:55:21

I’m doing catchup on my laptop today Jax. Brilliant all round series. Love the tunes too.

I watched the first two series again the other week. 🤣

glammanana Wed 13-Apr-22 10:06:47

I watched it last night just brilliant.

Pepper59 Wed 13-Apr-22 10:15:17

The surprise appearance is a good sport. Love this comedy and sad it's the final series. I think during the two years of lockdowns etc, the cast probably want to move on to do other things. One of the girls is in another Channel 4 drama at the moment.

Grandmajean Wed 13-Apr-22 10:23:16

Love it too ! So many great one liners.

Grannynannywanny Wed 13-Apr-22 10:35:34

I love it. It’s the only programme that make me laugh so much I have to rewind the tv as I miss something else while I’m laughing.

I read a few months ago that the very funny Siobhan McSweeney who plays Sister Michael fell from her bike and suffered a nasty fracture requiring surgery. They had to hold up filming for her to return on crutches and continue.

TopsyIrene06 Wed 13-Apr-22 12:47:42

I love it too. Really funny.

Parsley3 Wed 13-Apr-22 14:03:34

I watched it this morning with my granddaughter. It is an excellent start to the third series and I laughed out loud at the scene with the boring uncle. I know someone just like him.

Vintagejazz Wed 13-Apr-22 14:30:01

Yes I think we all know an Uncle Colm.

Every character in t his us just brilliant, especially the wonderful Sr Michael.

nadateturbe Wed 13-Apr-22 22:50:50

It was funny. We laughed out loud at the boring uncle too.

Davida1968 Fri 15-Apr-22 17:05:49

We love Derry Girls so much that we've started watching again from the beginning of the first series. (I'm surprised how much I'd forgotten!) It'll be an extra treat when we reach series three.

grannydarkhair Tue 17-May-22 22:40:11

Just watched tonight’s episode, very unexpected ending and stunningly good acting by Tommy Tiernan as Gerry.

kc12343546 Thu 19-May-22 16:01:50

It's such a great show! Just rewatched the whole thing. Sister Michaels is hilarious, hoping for a spin-off!

grannydarkhair Thu 19-May-22 21:17:46

Wonderful ending to what was, imo, a lacklustre series three. Episodes six and seven were streaks ahead of the other episodes, with the exception of the “Mammy” episode. My main moan about this series is that the young ones just look too old now, especially in close-ups. I’m really glad they’ve finished on a high, far better than dragging on as so many sit-coms have done/do.