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MayBee70 Mon 16-May-22 16:09:59

I only watch bits of this when I’m waiting for another programme to come on but I’ve realised it’s full of actors that became really famous. Either that or it attracted famous actors. Today I’ve spotted Richard Briers and Peter Davison. Peter Egan was on the other week. And there’s an actress that was in Take Three Girls but I can’t remember her name…

Grandmabatty Mon 16-May-22 16:24:36

Timothy West starred in the episode called 'Royal Jelly'

MayBee70 Mon 16-May-22 16:39:35

The trouble is they keep having phones ringing in it and every time it happens I jump. Same with tv ads that have doorbells ringing. Not that anyone rings my doorbell these days!

BeEmerald Mon 16-May-22 17:14:46

I used to love that series. It was really good and some of them still stand up well. I loved the music and the titles.

crazyH Mon 16-May-22 17:23:28

Loved it - still see the silhouette of the elegantly dancing girl …..

Oldbat1 Mon 16-May-22 21:26:21

Yes it was a real favourite.

Calendargirl Tue 17-May-22 07:11:38


Timothy West starred in the episode called 'Royal Jelly'

Oh yes, very creepy!

Georgesgran Tue 17-May-22 07:24:13

One of my favourite episodes was with Susan George (as a cheated upon wife) who murdered her policeman husband with a frozen leg of lamb, that his colleagues then ate later when they came to investigate - thus destroying the evidence.

FannyCornforth Tue 17-May-22 07:43:46

I absolutely love TOTU.
I’ve got all of them on DVD (sorry Mary if you’re on here. She loaned me them about 20 years ago blush)

The early ones were based on Dahl’s short stories (which I also love; unlike his children’s stories).
The leg of lamb one was by him.

I think that my favourite is the one with Richard Briars as the curate who opens a tea shop with his wife.
The moral is fantastic.

I could talk about this all day!

Grandmabatty Tue 17-May-22 08:55:59

Lamb to the Slaughter. Great short story. I taught it to generations of 14 year olds who loved the ending in particular 😂

FannyCornforth Tue 17-May-22 09:02:25

GBatty That’s interesting - I was going to introduce the ‘reluctant readers’ that I taught to Dahl’s adult’s stories.
Sadly I had to leave work, so never did. I’m sure they would have been a success.
It’s funny how many teachers are on here isn’t it? smile

MayBee70 Thu 19-May-22 23:29:23

Today was Brian Blessed and Susan George. Annoyingly the Sky Arts schedule says who’s going to in the programme but I’m going to make a point of not reading that as I like the element of surprise.

MissAdventure Fri 20-May-22 00:19:58

I loved the one about the very clever, controlling husband whose brain and one eye were kept alive after his death.
William and Mary, the title may have been.

Goosepimple stuff....

MayBee70 Fri 10-Jun-22 13:42:41

Todays featured Christopher Blake and Nigel Havers. I loved Christopher Blake in Love for Lydia but his career didn’t take off the way that the other actors in it did. Must do a Google to see what happened to him.

Ramblingrose22 Fri 10-Jun-22 13:50:17

Agree with others - this series is very entertaining.

Having the now famous actors in so many of them is an added bonus.

Georgesgran Fri 10-Jun-22 17:14:06

Maybe70 - I’ve just had a look and Christopher Blake died in 2004, aged 55. I recognized his face, but not his name.

MayBee70 Fri 10-Jun-22 18:20:25

I loved Love for Lydia. It saddens me that he died so young. I don’t remember seeing him in other things. I thought he was very beautiful.

Redhead56 Fri 10-Jun-22 21:23:05

I loved the series years ago and have even enjoying watching again.

MissAdventure Fri 10-Jun-22 21:25:07

Was it a Saturday night it was on?
One the highlights of the week. smile

Callistemon21 Fri 10-Jun-22 21:40:39


Lamb to the Slaughter. Great short story. I taught it to generations of 14 year olds who loved the ending in particular 😂

Oh yes, often quoted on GN!!