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Nana. BBC series 1970’s

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MayBee70 Tue 17-May-22 00:59:36

Someone on another forum was just mentioning the 1950’s film of Nana and it made me think of the 1970’s serialisation the BBC did. It got me reading Zola’s books, most importantly Germinal which shaped my political beliefs. Having done a bit of googling it seems there’s no trace of the series: nothing on dvd or utube so it looks as though it’s been lost forever. It really made quite an impression on my at the time. Such a shame that so many tv programmes weren’t saved. Does anyone else remember it?

OakDryad Tue 17-May-22 07:37:40

Maybee70 I read an old discussion in another forum which said episodes 1 & 2 were in the BBC archives but 3, 4 & 5 were lost. Then 4 & 5 were found but not 3 which explains why there's no DVD version to see. It starred Katharine Scofield. Cast list here:

Cinema Paradiso list the 1950s film version with Charles Boyer and Martine Carol but it's not released on DVD.

MayBee70 Tue 17-May-22 13:04:02

It’s so vivid in my memory, especially Freddie Jones. And I’ve got a terrible memory for most things. It must have really impressed me.