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lemsip Wed 18-May-22 20:37:31

Tim and Sal quite racy tonight, Tim really shouldnt have got those pills from internet now should he! ha ha

timetogo2016 Fri 20-May-22 10:04:47

The story is becoming very tiresome imo.
I didn`t find it funny,just cringeworthy.
Those actors deserve better story lines.
Sorry Lemsip.

Aveline Fri 20-May-22 10:09:14

Tim and Sally are both good characters though. With the more serious stories going on its typical of Corrie to have a more light-hearted story on the go.

Joane123 Fri 20-May-22 12:07:58

I like both Sally and Tim, although I feel that Sally has had a personality transplant tbh. She is lovely though, it just seems out of character for her.
I used to love Corrie and always watched it, now I feel things are just too serious these days, I don't watch it as often.
Same with Emmerdale.

Audi10 Fri 20-May-22 12:09:22

Love Tim & Sally

sodapop Fri 20-May-22 12:12:10

I thought it was quite funny as well Lemsip loved the hospital scenes with the Dr, Sally & Tim. smile

FindingNemo15 Fri 20-May-22 13:22:34

Has Jenny still got her boyfriend? I think he is called Leo!

pensionpat Fri 20-May-22 13:27:31

Sally has been changed into a pantomime character. But I really laughed at one line. Tim had carefully avoided medical terms, using phrases like “trouble in the trouser department”. So when he heard the doctor use the word penis, he was visibly shocked. Sally’s line was “ he’s trained for 7 years to be a doctor. Do you expect him to call it winky?”

grannyrebel7 Fri 20-May-22 13:31:13

Hilarious! Tim & Sally are a good comedy double act. We need that to balance out the serious stuff. Corrie's always been good at this. Remember Stan & Hilda, Jack & Vera etc.?

Ilovecheese Fri 20-May-22 13:31:36

The scene with Sally and Gail in the pub was very good.

Daisend1 Fri 20-May-22 13:41:56

If it wasn't for the Toyah, Imran and Abi situation I would be taking a break from Cori.

Namsnanny Fri 20-May-22 14:03:42

I honestly wish I could find the Tim and Sally story funny, goodness knows we need some good old fashioned Corrie fun.
Weeks of silliness culminated with the only good line (as mentioned above) in the whole episode.
Why is Max all sweetness and light about going to a new (quite frightening I would have thought) school? This is a boy who has been in a strop for most of his teenage life.
Characters ( like Sally for example) seem to morph into doing or saying things that dont suit them (having a wee in the park for example) if the writers need them to.
I cant live in the past, but it does seem as if the storylines lurch from one to the other, without the support of well rounded characters nowadays.
Vent over!
Oh well, better get set for the next installment 😆

Aveline Fri 20-May-22 15:00:18

Don't forget the snoring undertaker story! That's pretty feeble although the characters are good. I've always liked Eileen. Time she had some good luck.