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Prehistoric Planet with David Attenborough

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Rosiebee Sat 21-May-22 17:58:25

I've just been reading a great article in the Radio Times on this upcoming TV programme. I've loved these amazing creatures since listening to the radio at Primary school over 60 years ago where the presenter went back in time and described a fight between 2 dinosaurs. My language was choice when I realised it was going to be on Apple TV which you have to subscribe to. Miffed wasn't in it. There's a lot of CGT involved to bring everything to life so I suppose Apple had the money. Just sooo disappointed. sad

Deedaa Sat 21-May-22 19:30:06

*Rosiebee^ I heard the same programme when I was at school! I think he went back to various different times. At around the same time I was taken to the Natural History Museum and was hooked for life! I recently treated myself to a fossilised ichthyosaur vertebra!

Did you see David Attenborough doing Dinosaurs The Final Day last month on BBC1?

Rosiebee Sun 22-May-22 13:42:43

Bless you Deedaa. Other folk look at me as though I'm
"mis-remembering". Our radio speaker was high on the wall in the corner and I can see myself, elbows on desk, staring at it, totally mesmerised. I only went to the NHM a couple of years ago and I burst into tears on seeing the T Rex.
Yes I did see The Final Day, it was amazing.
On my bucket list is to find a fossil on the Jurassic Coast. Failing that I shall have to return to the NHM and get one there. Your reply had made my day. Thank you. x

MerylStreep Sun 22-May-22 13:58:04

Sign up for the free trail. Watch program, then cancel.

Deedaa Sun 22-May-22 20:09:16

Rosiebee When I was on holiday with my parents in about 1968 we went to Blue Anchor in Devon and I found a piece of slate on the beach which had little shells like mussel shells imbedded in it. Talk about thrilling!

I think there was also a programme about a boy in the stone age. I remember being fascinated by the whole idea of living out of doors and having to make everything yourself.

Littleannie Tue 24-May-22 08:09:37

You can get a 7 day free trial of Apple TV. I have signed up so I can watch this. Episode 1 last night was really good, they are so realistic you forget it is all computer generated, and David Attenborough does the commentary as though it is a real documentary. There are 5 episodes, with the last one on Friday, so I shall cancel my free trial then, so won't be charged. Apple TV is available on Apple tablets and phones and some smart TVs. The app is on our JVC TV and also our LG TV. You can sign up on their website.

Fogler Fri 24-Jun-22 23:52:39


Sign up for the free trail. Watch program, then cancel.

That's the trick and definitely what I'll be doing. I love anything that Attenborough does.