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1992 lifeguard/Doorman documentary

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Compoo Wed 25-May-22 00:55:04

Dear all
I am trying to find a documentary I watched in around 1992. The title was a ‘play’on the Enid Blyton title, and something like “Five go mad in Perrenoorth” or Dorset. It was about 5 lads that were lifeguards by day and doormen on a club on a caravan park of the evening. Two of them used to play in a band as I recall and sung a song called ‘bad girls’ acapella on the show. I think it was a channel 4 doc. There was a second follow up a few years later tracing their journey after they went their different ways.
Many thanks for your help

Lark123 Wed 25-May-22 01:55:30

Hi Compoo

All I could find with a quick Google was a You Tube video of The Comic Strip doing a parody of Enid Blyton's "Five Go Mad in Dorset", from November. 1982, yes, it was on Channel 4.

If this sounds like it, you can Google "The Comic Strip Presents... Five Go Mad In Dorset - Part 1/4."

I'd have sent you the You Tube link Compoo, but not sure if I'm allowed to do that.

Anyway, the parts 1-4 are on You Tube, hope this helps!

Compoo Wed 25-May-22 10:28:10

Thank you for your efforts. I have done so many different Google searches. It’s not the comic strip. It was a fly on the wall real life documentary around 1992

Lark123 Wed 25-May-22 12:50:30

Oh sorry I couldn't help; well, good luck with your search!

MayBee70 Mon 06-Jun-22 12:55:56

I bet somebodies got it on video somewhere! I’m currently rewatching old sports videos as someone on Facebook is wanted to buy old videos from people. I wonder if there’s a Facebook page about Perranporth or lifeguards in general ?

MayBee70 Mon 06-Jun-22 12:59:32

There’s a Facebook lifeguards page. It’s a private group so you’d have to join. I bet someone on there will remember it. I could join and ask on your behalf.