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House Of Gucci

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tickingbird Thu 30-Jun-22 09:49:05

I watched this over two nights and found it very good. Lady GaGa can really act, unlike Madonna. A good watch and I didn’t realise it’s a true story. Also good to see Al Pacino still acting as he’s one of my all time favourites. It’s on Amazon Prime.

BigBertha1 Thu 30-Jun-22 09:50:09

Thank you I wanted to see it at the cinema but didn't get there I will enjoy that this weekend.

VB000 Thu 30-Jun-22 11:59:59

Great film, we really enjoyed it! Captures the era very well

TerriBull Thu 30-Jun-22 12:14:35

I enjoyed it actually, even though I believe it got rubbished by the critics. I agree Lady Gaga pulled it off, she is an Italian American so that probably helped. Also thought Adam Driver as Maurizio Gucci was very good as were the rest of the supporting cast.

Yes Al still around, he was my heart throb back in the dim and distant '70s when he played Michael Corleone,

Visgir1 Thu 30-Jun-22 12:25:02

I saw it on a Plane recently and I had no idea about this family.
Well, what a saga? Really enjoyed it but thought it was a bit long, but perhaps it was because I was a captive audience!

tickingbird Thu 30-Jun-22 13:19:09

I had no idea regarding the back story of Gucci. You couldn’t make it up grin

Iam64 Thu 30-Jun-22 13:28:21

I didn’t know the story. Enjoyed the film and was impressed by Lady Gaga

Helen657 Thu 30-Jun-22 13:31:47

I didn’t get to see this at the cinema & was thrilled last night when I saw it’s on Amazon prime - that’s my Sunday afternoon sorted 😁

Jane43 Mon 04-Jul-22 15:29:04

I watched this yesterday and thought it was excellent. I agree Lady GaGa was very good as she was in A Star Is Born. Adam Driver was also very good, he is one of my favourite actors.

notgran Mon 04-Jul-22 19:32:54

I watched it over the weekend, very enjoyable. Since then I have been "researching" the Gucci family on the Internet. The film wasn't totally accurate but not too far off. I have read there were 2 little daughters, only one was shown in the film. They are now both very wealthy. The Lady Gaga character has now been released from jail but is estranged from her daughters.The son of the Al Pacino's character died penniless in London not long after his cousin was killed. The mistress, who had been a famous model in Italy, did not get any money from the Gucci estate. Fascinating stuff.

Chewbacca Mon 04-Jul-22 20:02:31

I really enjoyed this film; the acting and the scenery were amazing. But I cannot imagine how, or why, I hadn't heard about the Gucci family at the time of the murder. I must have slept throughout the 1970s.

bevisp1 Mon 04-Jul-22 20:36:28

Great film, seen it a couple times, I agree Lady Gaga is an extremely good actress.

Shandy57 Fri 08-Jul-22 18:13:52

Great film, finally found time to watch all of it last night. What a sad story, I had no idea.

J52 Fri 08-Jul-22 18:22:13

I saw it a while back and really enjoyed the family tensions. I agree lady Gaga certainly can act.
One of my favourite perfumes is Cucci, but I’m now reminded of the macho family values! 🤔