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The Way We Live Now, on London Live (and I dare say elsewhere)

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Witzend Fri 01-Jul-22 17:42:09

I caught half an episode the other day, but I know it well - both book (Anthony Trollope) and DVD. A panorama of Victorian society and an apparently very rich entrepreneur who soon has society in his pocket.

The BeeB did it some years ago - being a fan of the book I was a bit wary but IMO they did it extremely well. David Suchet is absolutely superb as the foreign born entrepreneur - anything less like Poirot is hard to imagine!

If it’s available on BBC iPlayer or anywhere else, very well worth a watch, IMO - IIRC there are at least 6 episodes.

hollysteers Sat 02-Jul-22 12:49:09

Thanks for this, love Trollope and like many, a good period drama.