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Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

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merlotgran Fri 01-Jul-22 18:30:51

Are any Radio 2 listeners as dismayed as I am that Steve Wright in the Afternoon is to be dropped?

It's such a great programme with good music, humour, interesting guests and a genial host who loves to send himself up.

Gardening in the Afternoon just won't be the same. sad

kittylester Fri 01-Jul-22 18:34:45

I wascquite chuffed as he gets on my nerves nowadays. But, Scott Mills drives me bonkers.

Just don't muck about with Ken Bruce.

Marsha Fri 01-Jul-22 18:59:44

I agree with kittylester - Steve Wright gets on my nerves; I find him really irritating. I actually don’t know Scott Mills, so can’t comment. I gather Sarah Cox is to have an extra hour - I quite like her show, I’m usually driving at that time, and it’s pretty cheery!

henetha Fri 01-Jul-22 19:29:56

Oh no! I really like Steve Wright in the afternoon. He plays good music and is friendly and chatty. What's going on?

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Jul-22 19:33:05

I’m with kitty and marsha I think he is past his sell by date. Not impressed with his replacement though. An immediate switch off when he’s a stand in for Ken Bruce.

Pudding123 Fri 01-Jul-22 19:33:14

I have been hoping for a few years that Steve Wright would be replaced as he is well past his sell by date .
I cringe when on the odd occasions I have put radio 2 on.Sorry time for a change.

Jane43 Fri 01-Jul-22 19:33:50


Oh no! I really like Steve Wright in the afternoon. He plays good music and is friendly and chatty. What's going on?

He’s done the programme for 24 years so I would imagine it’s his choice to leave.

Sparklefizz Fri 01-Jul-22 19:37:59

I don't like Steve Wright in the Afternoon, but I hope Sunday Morning Lovesongs will carry on, either with or without him.

Casdon Fri 01-Jul-22 19:40:03

I don’t like him, I’m glad he’s going. Scott Mills isn’t my favourite either, I prefer Vernon Kay, who’s standing in for Zoe this week. I’m with kittylester though, no mucking about with Ken Bruce or I will be very upset.

henetha Fri 01-Jul-22 19:42:47

Oh yes, Jane43, I hope it was his own choice. I feel better now ..😁

crazyH Fri 01-Jul-22 19:44:14

I like Steve Wright in the afternoon !!!

Casdon Fri 01-Jul-22 19:45:04

No, it wasn’t his own choice - he was on the BBC News tonight and said his friend and producer told him a fresh look was needed. He seemed fine about it though.

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Jul-22 19:45:05

Yes I read that he is to continue doing Sunday Love songs. Sparklefizz I don’t mind him on there funnily enough.

I agree Casdon I’ve loved Vernon on the breakfast show. I haven’t listened to it for a while ( Zoe witters on too much and don’t get me started on Richie) but I have tuned in this week and also when Gary Davies has done the show.

Casdon Fri 01-Jul-22 19:47:22

Yes, I like Gary Davies too Grandmadinosaur, we must have similar DJ tastes!

MissAdventure Fri 01-Jul-22 19:47:30

Serves him right for not speaking properly and making people want to scream, I say. smile

Grandmadinosaur Fri 01-Jul-22 19:55:01

Waiting for him coming on at 8 Casdon I’m not happy about his move to Saturday night.

MissAdventure Fri 01-Jul-22 19:57:58

My daughter and I used to listen to him in the afternoons, years ago.
We found him really funny..
"I need an ambliance!"

lixy Fri 01-Jul-22 19:58:21

I'm also looking forward to Scott Mills taking over, though I hope he keeps the Wednesday harpist - so relaxing!

I've really enjoyed listening to Vernon Kay on the Breakfast shoe and Paddy O'Connell standing in for Jeremy Vine too. I flop=flop between Radio 2 and Radio 4, but always listen to Paddy O'C on a Sunday morning.
I wonder what other shake-ups are on the horizon.

Sparklefizz Fri 01-Jul-22 20:04:47

Paddy O'Connell is much better than Jeremy Vine in my opinion.

Zoe Ball babbles on too much. Ken Bruce is fantastic. If he goes, that's it !!!

Sago Fri 01-Jul-22 20:06:21

Despite living in England I listen to Irish radio, radio Kerry and RTE.
I can’t stand Ken Bruce or Steve Wright.

kittylester Fri 01-Jul-22 20:07:52

To be fair most people are better than Jeremy Vine!!

Aveline Fri 01-Jul-22 20:08:29

I'll miss Steve Wright. His programme is more characterful than the usual bland DJs. Zoe Ball is beyond boring with her constant gushing. Vernon Kay is better.
Oh dear. What would El Tel say about how dull Radio 2 has become!

MissAdventure Fri 01-Jul-22 20:09:37

I used to love sir Tel. smile

Poppyred Fri 01-Jul-22 20:17:08

Love Steve Wright one of the best DJs on Radio 2, but it is his choice…winding down I suppose.

Dotty123 Fri 01-Jul-22 20:24:08

I’m really annoyed that he’s been pushed out! There are so few presenters I like on Radio 2 - I switch between Radio 4, Classic FM and our local radio (Radio Sussex). Feel as if us oldies (in body not spirit) are being ignored!!!