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TV show for boomers?

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DDMorgan Thu 07-Jul-22 06:39:02

Hi All, I hope you can give me suggestions for TV shows. I've relished "Ladies of Letters," "Boomers," and "Kath & Kim." I watch TV after DH goes to bed, and I love these people and joyfully identify with their time in life. Anyone have a suggestion for another show featuring women (and/or men) of a certain age? I'm finally able to watch British TV shows in Seattle, USA. I look forward to reading Gransnet every morning - This is a special place.

FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 06:45:15

Hello DD👋 Have you considered BritBox?
I believe that it was ‘invented’ for the American market.
It’s got the best of BBC and ITV shows, and has some amazing stuff.

DDMorgan Thu 07-Jul-22 06:50:58

Thank you, FannyCornforth! Currently we get Acorn TV, but I'll look into BritBox. Much appreciated!

FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 08:10:40

You’re welcome!
We get BritBox (and Acorn) through Netflix.
I’m pleased to see that you enjoyed Boomers! It’s brilliant isn’t it?
I don’t think that it got as much attention as it should have here.
And what a fantastic cast.
My favourite is Philip Jackson who plays Alan - so dry!
I will definitely have a think about shows to recommend smile

Grandmabatty Thu 07-Jul-22 08:43:09

What about Grace and Frankie on Netflix starring Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin? It's very good.

Bigred18 Thu 07-Jul-22 10:57:02

I have Britbox here in Oz. So much choice - my favourite DCI Banks, Vera, and many more. $10 a month.

RichmondPark Thu 07-Jul-22 11:08:22

I'm currently enjoying McDonald and Dodds...a very enjoyable gentle police drama set in the splendour of Bath. Dodds is a gentleman of a certain age and the relationship between the two main characters is wonderful.

Jam and Jerusalem is an old TV show, but if you can get hold of it some how it's well worth a watch. Full of fabulous female characters of all ages.

RichmondPark Thu 07-Jul-22 11:10:45

Can I suggest some films which might suit your brief?

Finding your feet
Calendar Girls

FannyCornforth Thu 07-Jul-22 11:22:51

Talking of films -
‘Ruth & Alex’ is wonderful !
It stars Morgan Freeman and Diane Keaton.
I think that it’s also called 5 Flights Up.