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The Archers - first couple in the world to have twin babies

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Franbern Fri 22-Jul-22 19:09:40

I have been listening, with increasing annoyance,to the silly storyline about the coming birth of the twins.
They seem to be approaching this as if this couple, with so much local family support, etc are the first couple ever to give birth to twins
The fuss that Natasha has been making before they have actually been born is incredible. Perhaps they should have joined their local Twins Club where they would have met so many other parent who have had two or more babies in one go.

vegansrock Fri 22-Jul-22 21:20:28

Plus the fuss that Tom is making because Natasha’s mum is coming to help out for a while.You think he’d have been pleased that there will be an extra pair of hands to support his wife and babies. No, Tom is miffed because his mum isn’t going to be doing the helping. Even though we know she will be…..

eGJ Fri 22-Jul-22 21:35:55

Nova! And Celyn! Well I think there’s more fuss to come

eGJ Fri 22-Jul-22 21:40:02

Well not Nova and Celyn after all!

eGJ Fri 22-Jul-22 21:47:19

And now I’ve listened to it all. Please scriptwriters there have been twins before and why change Tom’s character?

geekesse Sat 23-Jul-22 11:12:14

Aren’t Shula and Kenton twins?

Mouseybrown60 Sat 23-Jul-22 11:19:07

As well as Lily and Freddie.

silverlining48 Sat 23-Jul-22 11:21:47

Yes they are geekeese. Though that was a very long time ago, even in Archers terms. We just got on with it but it’s
all different now.
Nova snd Celyn. If that’s their names I much Prefer the latter.

silverlining48 Sat 23-Jul-22 11:22:39

Oh yes forgot lily and Freddie. Loadsa 👯‍♀️ twins. We need triplets!

DaisyAnne Sat 23-Jul-22 11:26:15

Oh dear, perhaps "The Archers" is not your sort of programme anymore. I seem to remember a similar fuss over names when Shula and Kenton were born.

Well done from me script writers. They seem to be better than some of our posters in keeping in touch with societies changes. I think both characters are well drawn.

merlotgran Sat 23-Jul-22 11:32:49

Don’t forget the cricket playing identical twins who cheated last week when the better player of the two batted for his brother.

Can’t remember their names.

Galaxy Sat 23-Jul-22 11:47:52

Tom has always been a fairly irritating character, quite self obsessed etc. I think Natasha is going to become ill, they are signposting the oh life is wonderful too heavily.

Davida1968 Sat 23-Jul-22 15:19:57

I agree with DaisyAnne. DH & I are enjoying the storyline. The Archers isn't for everyone, but IMO they often often hit the nail on the head when it comes to depicting life & its happenings. I've known a few parents (with twins) who certainly had a demanding time, for the first year or two.

Galaxy Sat 23-Jul-22 17:13:55

The whole point of listening to TA surely is that some of the characters get on your nerves.

silverlining48 Sat 23-Jul-22 19:07:43

THats true, Galaxy, it’s supposed to be real life warts and all.

DaisyAnne Sun 24-Jul-22 11:17:01


The whole point of listening to TA surely is that some of the characters get on your nerves.

I'm not sure that any writer wants simply that. What they do want is rounded characters.

Luckygirl3 Sun 24-Jul-22 11:21:09

I think the girl's name is Seren, which is Welsh for star.

DaisyAnne Sun 24-Jul-22 12:11:28

They are both girls, aren't they?

I wonder how often they do get the sex wrong? Better than before scans, when they often didn't even know it was twins.

utterbliss Sun 24-Jul-22 12:25:24

I just wondered if anyone else finds it difficult to listen to the

voice of poor Simon Willams who plays Justin Elliot. It just

makes me want to cough and clear my throat all the time.

I feel sorry for him if he has a health problem but I do feel

he should consider retiring.
he should retire.

Galaxy Sun 24-Jul-22 13:25:34

I am not sure they are very clear who Justin is. His character isnt very consistent. I know most people dislike Lillian but I have always had a soft spot for her.

eGJ Sun 24-Jul-22 13:54:01

Lilian’s one woman shows are wonderful! she pretends she is called Sunny Ormonde, WE know better of course she IS Lilian!
Never really understood how she ended up with Justin, who gets written in so infrequently nowadays.

utterbliss Sun 24-Jul-22 17:58:56

I do not have a problem with the character Justin Elliot it is just

so difficult listening to the voice/ throat problems the actor Simon Willimas is suffering from.

A permanent " Frog in the throat" sound.

It makes me have to cough to clear my throat all the time. !!

merlotgran Sun 24-Jul-22 18:30:32

What a change for an Archers character to go into hospital and give birth without any drama.

Can’t last.

Chewbacca Sun 24-Jul-22 18:54:12

I know most people dislike Lillian but I have always had a soft spot for her.

I've always liked Lillian; I think she'd be great fun as a friend! As for Kate; now she does get on my wick! As does Fallon, of late.

eGJ Sun 24-Jul-22 19:06:05

Is it just me or has Natasha become more Welsh recently? Seren and Nova!

It can only get more cringeworthy 😀