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Calendargirl Sun 14-Aug-22 18:33:12

Who’s planning on watching this tonight on BBC1 at 9pm?

Starring the gorgeous Sean Bean and Nicola Walker.

Only snag, it’s written by the same bloke who wrote ‘Mum’, which most other GN’ers loved, and I thought was a load of nonsense.

I know I was in the minority.

Hope his latest effort is more to my taste.

But with Sean in it..,

Shirley48 Sun 14-Aug-22 18:34:40

Funnily enough, I loved Mum and I’m not keen on Sean Bean / find him quite unattractive.

Good job we’re all different!

Grandmadinosaur Sun 14-Aug-22 18:51:03

Yes I am looking forward to watching this. I did like ‘Mum’ .

I’m hoping I win the battle to watch it live as DH wants to watch Van Der Valk that’s on at the same time. We are away this week and as there’s another episode on tomorrow I don’t want to get behind with episodes.

kittylester Sun 14-Aug-22 19:54:00

I loved Mum, adore Sean Bean and think Nicola Walker is great. I'm in

Callistemon21 Sun 14-Aug-22 19:57:43

I really don't like Sean Bean (although I do like his tea!) but do like Nicola Walker so perhaps I'll record it.

MerylStreep Sun 14-Aug-22 19:58:03

Catch up on ITV Hub.

MerylStreep Sun 14-Aug-22 19:58:55

I love his tea advert. I always shout along with him. 😄

TillyTrotter Sun 14-Aug-22 20:02:34

I loved “Mum” - right up my street. I’ll be watching Marriage.

sodapop Sun 14-Aug-22 20:04:01

I will watch anything that Sean Bean is in, Sharpe remains my favourite though.

tanith Sun 14-Aug-22 21:01:20

I’ll be watching I like both Sean Bean and Nicola Walker.

Howjado Sun 14-Aug-22 21:58:19

Well, that was an hour of my life I will never get back.

tanith Sun 14-Aug-22 21:58:55

Well that was odd or is it just me?

rubysong Sun 14-Aug-22 22:00:45

You can come here and watch me load the dishwasher if you want.

TerriBull Sun 14-Aug-22 22:02:54

I thought it was very odd, strange stilted conversation, just didn't ring true. I think I expected much more given the talents of Nicola Walker and Sean Bean, just found it very odd.

Curlywhirly Sun 14-Aug-22 22:03:06

Hmm, wasn't impressed. I found it odd too Tanith.

merlotgran Sun 14-Aug-22 22:04:12


Well, that was an hour of my life I will never get back.


Grandmadinosaur Sun 14-Aug-22 22:04:39

No not just you tanith

I’m in trouble for making Mr GD miss the second hour of Van Der Valk for that 🤣

Doodledog Sun 14-Aug-22 22:05:48

I thought it was rubbish too, and the sound kept coming and going.

pieinthesky Sun 14-Aug-22 22:07:24

I was looking forward to watching Marriage as I have really enjoyed everything that Nicola Walker is in.However this was to quote the saying “ like watching paint dry”. It must be the most boring hour of nothing that I have ever watched on TV. Even an hour of mine and my husband’s life would have been more entertaining. There is another episode on tomorrow night and hopefully things might be more interesting but I’m not sure I can be bothered to watch.

Sassanach512 Sun 14-Aug-22 22:09:04

I can't believe I just watched that dross I expect there'll just be one man and his dog watching it next week sad

PoppyFlower Sun 14-Aug-22 22:09:17

I really enjoyed it! Shows the mundanity of life but also the emotions simmering under the surface, the things not said etc. I will watch tomorrow with interest.

Millie22 Sun 14-Aug-22 22:09:25

How odd! No idea what was going on.

Kandinsky Sun 14-Aug-22 22:09:28

It was very slow, but for some strange reason I’ll keep watching. There’s obviously a lot of back story to come.

Doodledog Sun 14-Aug-22 22:10:42

It might be a slow burner, I suppose. I thought The Royale Family was dreadful at first, but I came to love it.

Doodledog Sun 14-Aug-22 22:11:04