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Poonarmi nappy advert

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travelsafar Tue 27-Sep-22 22:56:40

Just seen new ad for baby nappies. The facial expressions on the baby are brilliant found myself laughing out loud.????

VictorJefferson Mon 10-Oct-22 05:28:54

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VictorJefferson Mon 10-Oct-22 05:30:09

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BlueBelle Mon 10-Oct-22 05:38:56

Reported last post

Ashcombe Mon 10-Oct-22 06:27:22

Here’s a link to the advertisement mentioned by the OP:-

Sparklefizz Mon 10-Oct-22 09:34:38

Brilliant. All parents have been there! Wish they'd had these when my children were babies but cloth nappies for us and poonarmis galore.

RichmondPark1 Mon 10-Oct-22 09:42:46

Toon Army!!

volver Mon 10-Oct-22 09:55:38

I detest this advert. But I guess it's not aimed at me, so it doesn't matter.

Its "poonami". Wordplay on "tsunami". No "r"s required. Except the baby's.

Farzanah Mon 10-Oct-22 10:07:16

I don’t normally watch adverts but had a look. Not a fan of “cute”.
Why are bodily fluids always depicted as blue? I haven’t seen blue urine, unless specific drugs ingested! (Or blue menstrual blood come to that!)

grannyrebel7 Mon 10-Oct-22 17:00:19

Can't bear this advert. Don't think it's cute at all.

ginny Mon 10-Oct-22 17:05:53

Clever editing of the expressions. Shame the pocket in the nappy doesn’t work.

MerylStreep Mon 10-Oct-22 17:09:07

Isn’t he adorable ?

volver Mon 10-Oct-22 17:10:16

No, not really.

Bring him back when he's six.


grannydarkhair Mon 10-Oct-22 17:31:45

Never had a “poonami” with my daughter, but my son! Still makes me shudder ?

Dottydots Mon 10-Oct-22 18:48:34

The poonami advert invariably comes on when I'm eating a meal or snack. Ugh! Puts me right off.

dogsmother Mon 10-Oct-22 19:04:49

It doesn’t have any effect on me years of babies and hospitals probably. My OH on the other hand is in stitches whenever he sees it ……… it takes all sorts I suppose.