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London Kills

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travelsafar Fri 07-Oct-22 14:29:07

Anyone watching this very good detective series currently on each afternoon on BBC1 at 2.15pm. Am watching on catch as whole series plus the 1st series available. Great acting, scenes of London, edgy music and brilliant story line with links to each episode. Give it a try ?

sodapop Fri 07-Oct-22 16:24:51

It's a repeat, I wonder if there will be a new series after this one. It was good afternoon viewing.

Sparklefizz Fri 07-Oct-22 16:27:14

I saw part of one of these today and thought it looked good. Thanks for the info re catch up travelsafar - I'm going to take a look.

silverlining48 Fri 07-Oct-22 16:28:12

Don’t watch the tv in the day but will have a look on catch up. Thanks.

Sparklefizz Fri 07-Oct-22 20:17:45

I've watched 2 episodes of series 1 on iPlayer and I'm really enjoying it. It's fast paced and well acted, and I'm pleased to have something good to watch with a lot of episodes.


lemsip Fri 07-Oct-22 20:37:33

Yes , really enjoying this. hadn't seen it before! This is what we need more of in my opinion instead of the various detective offerings that are hard to get into.

glammagran Fri 07-Oct-22 21:24:25

I’ve seen S1 and S2 on BBC1 in the afternoon some while ago. I think there is a S3 coming. I think it’s really good too and cannot fathom why it didn’t make an evening slot. I also liked the Mallorca Files also on during the afternoon. And I say to myself I NEVER watch daytime tv. hmm

Deedaa Fri 07-Oct-22 21:32:41

I thought I read recently that London Kills had been cancelled (yet another one that they promise will be replaced by something better!!) I had been hoping for another series because I thought that Series 2 ended with a bit of a cliff hanger.

lemsip Fri 07-Oct-22 22:29:14

As previously announced, season four of London Kills is confirmed to debut in 2023


Doodledog Fri 07-Oct-22 23:05:38

Thanks for this - I've never heard of it. I am an insomniac and often watch TV in bed when I can't sleep, so something fairly easy to follow but not too boring is ideal.

I'll find it on iPlayer next time I'm awake in the early hours.