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Calendargirl Sun 13-Nov-22 08:39:04

Anyone watching this? It started on BBC2 the other night, Thursday I think.

After a good review on the TV guide, I caught the first episode last night.

Starring Emily Blunt, set in the Wild West.


ParlorGames Sun 13-Nov-22 08:43:02

Thank you for the reminder, I had forgotten all about this new series.........something to watch on I-Player when there's nothing else worth watching.

Franbern Sun 13-Nov-22 08:43:34

I watched most of this first episode (by accident). Kept hoping it might improve as it went along. FInally decided it was probably getting worse, and turned it off p having wasted a good 45 minutes of my life on this rubbish.

Nothing aganst the actor who did a good job with dreadful material. Still no idea what it was supposed to be about.

tanith Sun 13-Nov-22 08:48:41

Watched the first episode last night a slow start but I think it will improve its very much about loss and revenge so not for the faint hearted.

Oopsadaisy1 Sun 13-Nov-22 09:23:10

We enjoyed it after a slow start, only 6 episodes though, so make the most of it and we had to have the subtitles on as we found some of the speech quite difficult to catch.

TerriBull Sun 13-Nov-22 09:44:54

I watched the first episode and lost interest, I'm not a fan of westerns, my husband is and has continued with it he thinks it's great. I gather there is more violence down the line, which I know I wouldn't like. Definitely not one for me, in spite of Emily Blunt who I do like, being the main star.

travelsafar Sun 13-Nov-22 10:06:13

I didn't enjoy even though I like EB. Didn't like the violence.... another drama confined to the bin!!!!

Sparklefizz Sun 13-Nov-22 10:09:53

I watched the start of it. I don't mind westerns but don't like violence so I won't be watching any more of it.

Caleo Sun 13-Nov-22 10:12:43

I found it confusing and unreal.

Chestnut Sun 13-Nov-22 10:21:27

If it has violence I'm out. Just had enough of dark, violent murderous dramas. Isn't it possible to have something more cheerful, especially in this day and age when we're surrounded by gloom and doom?

MrsKen33 Sun 13-Nov-22 15:42:05

Hope the next episode is in daylight!!!!!

FlexibleFriend Sun 13-Nov-22 17:22:33

I'm up to episode 5 so far and really enjoying it, makes a change from the usual dross.

MayBee70 Sun 13-Nov-22 18:32:00

I saw a preview for this and just assumed it was Netflix or Sky, neither of which I have. So I was chuffed to realise it was on BBCiplayer. I love Hugo Blick stuff so I ‘m not expecting to understand what’s going on.

Oldbat1 Sun 13-Nov-22 19:42:44

Well Ive watched first episode. It is different but will definitely continue watching it.

Aveline Mon 14-Nov-22 17:01:01

I've watched the first two episodes. It really was a bit different. It actually 'held' me. I didn't wander off during it or look at my phone. It's beautifully filmed and the music is good. It certainly is a wild west.

Ninanana Mon 14-Nov-22 19:17:42

Binge watched it. Loved it.

Deedaa Mon 14-Nov-22 22:48:15

I watched the first episode. I think it's either going to be really good or dreadful. Time will tell.

Boz Tue 15-Nov-22 10:34:07

I think it is good but it has a nightmarish quality that will keep you awake. Awful inditement of the making of America; a society full of vultures and crocodiles.

Chestnut Tue 15-Nov-22 11:07:50

Watched the first episode and I will carry on after all. There have been many movies about the making of America, and yes it really was a wild west. You wonder how they ever managed to settle down and create a society in such a vast wilderness.

The first one I remember was How the West Was Won which gave you the message without any gratuitous violence, a skill that seems to have been lost. Others that stick in my mind were Little Big Man and Dances with Wolves which showed us a side to native indians we'd never seen before. The old cowboy movies made out they were the 'baddies' and that's what we were taught in the 1950s.

Aveline Tue 15-Nov-22 12:37:21

I agree with Boz about the nightmarish feel to the programme. It must have been very scary to live in such lawless times. A woman on her own would be extremely vulnerable.

Chestnut Tue 15-Nov-22 23:57:37

Update: oh dear, started episode 2 and decided it is just too dark and murderous for me. So I've ended it there. There is obviously going to be a lot of suffering and I really don't like seeing people suffer.

Aveline Wed 16-Nov-22 08:47:29

I certainly is dark. Not something I usually enjoy. However, I'm hooked. Only two more episodes for me to binge this pm. I can't see it having a happy ending.

Boz Wed 16-Nov-22 13:51:01

Stick with it to find out what is driving the Emily Blunt character and why she is so fearless. Worth the wait till the last part.
Excellent turn from Rafe Speight. He is as good (or horribly evil in this series) as his Dad.
Also, wonderful cameo performances from a host of British stars.

Boz Wed 16-Nov-22 14:11:17

Rafe Spall!. Sorry Rafe

rubysong Wed 16-Nov-22 14:47:17

I was looking forward to this but, having watched episode one, it is too violent for me. I wish we could have some nice costume dramas without all the torture and horror.