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Granite City

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Jaxjacky Wed 07-Dec-22 21:51:36

Anyone watching? Quite enjoying it.

Lucca Wed 07-Dec-22 21:55:08

Not enjoying it tbh. Very pedestrian and with a lot of stock characters, the maverick, the nasty cop who is jealous blah blah.

MawtheMerrier Wed 07-Dec-22 22:01:10

Dull, slow, clichéd script and ham acting.
Give me Cracker or Rebus or Shetland over this any day!

Kim19 Wed 07-Dec-22 22:01:13

Find it awful when the boss lady suddenly bursts into broad Scots in the most unrealistic and unlikely places. Verbal diahhorea.

Mogsmaw Wed 07-Dec-22 22:04:28

We liked it, Aberdeen looked lovely, no Dork though.

Mogsmaw Wed 07-Dec-22 22:04:56

That’s Doric though.

merlotgran Wed 07-Dec-22 22:07:35

I thought I’d give it another chance tonight but shouldn’t have bothered.

Coolgran65 Wed 07-Dec-22 22:19:41

Just watched the first episode and rather enjoyed it. Easy watching with a bit of humour. Do want to see the Guv pulled down a peg.

Charleygirl5 Wed 07-Dec-22 22:21:37

I also enjoyed it- not a lot else to watch.

volver Thu 08-Dec-22 05:27:56

Oh, it's terrible.

But I'm distracted by the accents. They're even worse than the script, and that's saying something.

It's like a series being set in Newcastle, but all the actors having West Country accents. 😉

volver Thu 08-Dec-22 05:29:21

(Granite Harbour, not City.)

Ailidh Thu 08-Dec-22 06:07:51

Based on this thread, I caught up to part one yesterday, hadn't seen it trailed on TV.

It was kind of leaden, more tropes and clichés than character development, but inoffensive, and I'll try part two.

The kidnapping: Who did it? Why? And how did Hunky Trainee Detective get free?
I may have lost concentration a tad.

Jaxjacky Thu 08-Dec-22 07:59:08

Having watched ep2 Charleygirl had it right, not much else on. For us it’s plugging the football gap.

Aveline Thu 08-Dec-22 08:58:41

I'm watching 'Cracker' on Britbox these days. Oh boy. I'd forgotten how good it was. With Jimmy McGovern scripts and Robbie Coltrane as lead it is streets ahead of more modern cop shows.

Pittcity Thu 08-Dec-22 09:01:37

I gave up. It's on at 8pm because it's more in the vein of Death in Paradise than Line of Duty.
I'm rewatching Happy Valley before the new series arrives.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Dec-22 09:36:51

How I agree re Cracker Aveline. What a fantastic series. We have it on a box set somewhere.

Greyduster Thu 08-Dec-22 09:37:55

From the first scene, I found this truly awful. For someone who had been in the Army for thirteen years, his uniform was too big and fitted where it touched. It also looked distinctly out of date. He would never have turned out wearing a white belt and gloves unless he was going to a parade or a wedding……and a camo rucksack? For a senior NCO? Really?? The awful script had more holes than a Swiss cheese and the acting was dire! I watched two episodes- can’t see it improving.

Greyduster Thu 08-Dec-22 09:41:24

I’m with Pitt. Bring on Happy Valley. Wonderful stuff.

Aveline Thu 08-Dec-22 10:03:09

I watched the first series of Happy Valley but found it just too painful and stressful to watch. Obviously I'm a sissy. I've never like James Norton since!!

Happygirl79 Thu 08-Dec-22 14:24:01

Sorry but not for me. Awful. Switched off after 20 minutes

Parsley3 Thu 08-Dec-22 17:00:55

Granite Harbour has a terrible script, wooden acting and even the scenery is boring. However, I watched it all hoping it would improve. It didn't. What a waste of time and money.

volver Thu 08-Dec-22 17:03:01

Aw. I quite liked the scenery 🤣

I was location spotting!

Hellogirl1 Thu 08-Dec-22 18:10:06

I wasn`t able to watch on the night, and it doesn`t seem to be on Iplayer.

volver Thu 08-Dec-22 19:35:53

Here it is Hellogirl1

Floradora9 Thu 08-Dec-22 21:36:25


Find it awful when the boss lady suddenly bursts into broad Scots in the most unrealistic and unlikely places. Verbal diahhorea.

I am sure she is a refugee from River City ( Scottish soap set in Glasgow ) From the snatches I have seen if this soap they all speak like she does . We watched it but it was pretty unpolished .