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WATCHING ...Harry & Meghan Netflix

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Bea65 Thu 08-Dec-22 08:07:16

So have switched onto Netflix - wanted to see for myself what the 'fuss' is all about as many diverse opinions on this couple on here and other social platforms well as the media with 'experts' who state this and that etc etc...

Sparklefizz Thu 08-Dec-22 09:16:15

Please keep us posted .....

FannyCornforth Thu 08-Dec-22 09:19:34

I’ll be watching it later today

merlotgran Thu 08-Dec-22 09:31:46

DD is coming round this evening to watch it with me so I’ll have to be patient.

FannyCornforth Thu 08-Dec-22 09:38:34

I’ve just heard Amanda Plattel review in on Nick Ferrari.
She said that there are no bombshells.
She said it’s mainly about their ‘love story’ and how private they wanted to be.
About a third of it was about Diana.
He barely mentions his dad or brother.
But Harry did say that royal wives we’re always ‘chosen by the palace’ (Platell’s words) and then there was a picture of William and Catherine on the screen.

henetha Thu 08-Dec-22 09:47:28

I made myself a promise not to watch it, but I can feel myself giving in already. Got visitors this morning but might give in to temptation this afternoon. confused

Yammy Thu 08-Dec-22 09:51:26

Just saw a clip of it on the news. Rather a good summing up of the first three episodes
. People will make their own minds up but who poses in their PJs to talk about their situation? Also, Harry is seen talking about it on his phone quite a few years ago, so was something like this being planned then?
Maybe more people will be sorry for them or perhaps feel like me with a suspicious mind.

Chestnut Thu 08-Dec-22 09:59:23

Just posted this on the other thread, but it's worth repeating (I hope).

I can't bear the thought of watching all the simpering, fake smiles and fake tears. There will be endless clips and photos in the DM and on TV. Other people will tear it to shreds in the media so there's no need for me to waste time watching it. I know Meghan is an actress so will take centre role. She needs to be the star of the show and so she will be. Harry will take a supporting role.

I've already seen a clip of her with no make up and her hair in a towel, simpering away in front of the cameras! Just remember everything you see has a camera crew there. Most of it has several takes. Nothing is genuine emotion. She is an actress.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Dec-22 10:04:44

I'm with you Chestnut.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Dec-22 10:07:13

A clip just popped up on something else I was watching. It made me cringe.

FannyCornforth Thu 08-Dec-22 10:13:30

According to what I’ve heard, it’s mainly Harry talking throughout.
You don’t hear much from Meghan

Sparklefizz Thu 08-Dec-22 10:30:26

Well said Chestnut.
I remember Amanda Owen of Yorkshire Farm fame saying that just a clip of her walking up a hill at the farm took 5 takes. Nothing is as it seems.... then remember the editing.

Shelmiss Thu 08-Dec-22 10:33:56

They keep playing snippets of it on the radio….that bloody piano playing in the background. I’ve had to turn the radio off. 🤮

Yammy Thu 08-Dec-22 10:36:58


I'm with you Chestnut.

I'm with you both as well. She is an actress and a rather transparent one as well not very convincing.

Kate1949 Thu 08-Dec-22 10:40:09

Why all the kissing and cuddling? It's as if they're trying to prove how much they love each other. I wonder why?

Daddima Thu 08-Dec-22 11:23:33

I imagine it will have ambiguous references to how badly treated Meghan was, but no names will be given, coupled with amateur 'psychobabble that Meghan has been feeding Harry, and lots of talk of love, as she cements her role as Diana 2.Of course I shall watch it!

icanhandthemback Thu 08-Dec-22 11:26:27

Nothing particularly controversial in the first 2 episodes. First Episode more about Harry's journey, the second about Meghan which includes footage of her father. Also has her mother talking about her thoughts.
They explain why they were talking on their phones during the early days. A friend suggested that there was so much rubbish about them being posted that it might be a good idea to make their own record.

Boz Thu 08-Dec-22 11:54:24

M is a touchy-feely, woke Californian who found the way of British Royal life alien. She irritated us all from the start with the clingy hold on H and her American style thrust-hit the ground running stuff. The Press soon latched on to this dislike and ran (wow, how they ran) with it. All this stuff on Netflix is revenge. You wouldn't care, but do they EVER admit to doing anything wrong? Always the victims.
My DH asked if I was watchingit. If I want gooey fantasy, Ill watch Disney.

nadateturbe Thu 08-Dec-22 12:01:44

I'll watch - with an open mind - later.

icanhandthemback Thu 08-Dec-22 12:08:27

Speak for yourself, Boz. She may have irritated you with her touchy-feely, woke Californian way but she didn't irritate me. Sounds like a bit of xenophobia there!

Mollygo Thu 08-Dec-22 12:13:54

I’m with you too Chestnut.
An unhealthy interest in anyone else’s personal affairs or an equally unhealthy desire to display details of your private life never really appealed, ex-royal or not.

Boz, your If I want gooey fantasy, I’ll watch Disney made me laugh.
Disney might take it up though. According to a programme yesterday, all the streaming companies are losing money.

Bea65 Thu 08-Dec-22 12:21:08

So far its showing a Love Story with snippets from friends and about her niece who Meg wanted at the wedding but Palace Comms recommended? that as Meg's half sister - the mother of niece wasn't invited so then the niece was uninvited? and she was hurt...not really any bombshells so bit underwhelmed but no controversy as far as I can see.some lovely photos of the late Queen and other family members...

Grandma70s Thu 08-Dec-22 12:21:33


Speak for yourself, Boz. She may have irritated you with her touchy-feely, woke Californian way but she didn't irritate me. Sounds like a bit of xenophobia there!

Fair enough, but I find her incredibly irritating, too. Not only the touchy-feeliness, but that perpetual smile. Nobody smiles ALL the time!

Calendargirl Thu 08-Dec-22 12:25:04

Just been reading a BBC News blog about it, feeding back to us what is in each episode.

Apparently, they met on Instagram, before meeting in person.

I thought they ‘met’ on a blind date, arranged by a mutual friend? Seems this was after the instagram meet up.

Mollygo Thu 08-Dec-22 12:27:40

I thought they ‘met’ on a blind date, arranged by a mutual friend? Seems this was after the instagram meet up.

Maybe another, “recollections may vary” event?

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