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Shuggie Bain to be televised.

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grannydarkhair Fri 20-Jan-23 19:24:20

Douglas Stuart is to adapt his wonderful novel for the BBC. It’ll be interesting to see both who is cast for this and how much of the “nitty-gritty” scenes they portray.

volver Fri 20-Jan-23 19:32:22

Oh, I'll look forward to that!

Grandyma Fri 20-Jan-23 19:34:45

I absolutely loved the book but not sure I’d want to see the film version. I felt the same about Where the Crawdads Sing. I’m generally disappointed in films of books.

grannydarkhair Fri 20-Jan-23 19:36:28

The news was in a Pan MacMillan email, gives no time scale so we might have a long wait.

grannydarkhair Fri 20-Jan-23 19:42:35

Grandyma I agree, I can think of very few books where I’ve enjoyed the filmed version more. The Killing was one, I thought the book was very long-winded in parts. But the fact that it’s DS himself doing the re-writing should hopefully make a difference.

volver Fri 20-Jan-23 19:44:05

When I read it I kept imagining it as a film or TV program.

HousePlantQueen Fri 20-Jan-23 19:57:14

Oh I loved the book. It has been promoted to the special shelf of my bookcases where those books which will be read again are kept

NotAGran55 Fri 20-Jan-23 20:01:17

I liked the book so much I definitely won’t be watching it. I’m bound to be disappointed.
I didn’t see the Crawdads film for the same reason.

BlueBelle Fri 20-Jan-23 20:44:28

Loved the crawdads film but never read the book

Blondiescot Fri 20-Jan-23 21:34:33

I loved the book too, but unfortunately I can think of very few books which have been turned into films which actually lived up to my expectations. The Lord of the Rings trilogy was a notable exception.

Bridie22 Fri 20-Jan-23 21:36:51

Loved the book, look forward to watching it.

NotSpaghetti Thu 26-Jan-23 08:53:59

I "enjoyed" the book (if that's the right word) - not sure it would make a great film though.

Could adapting the novel for the BBC mean they are going to read it on the radio??

Greyduster Thu 26-Jan-23 09:05:55

The book was brilliant but I’m not sure it would make good television. It was like being on an emotional treadmill.

grannydarkhair Fri 27-Jan-23 00:45:42

NotSpaghetti The article in the Pan MacMillan email said “televised”.

NotSpaghetti Fri 27-Jan-23 00:57:19

Thanks grannydarkhair.

nadateturbe Sun 29-Jan-23 23:14:42

Oh good, because I keep falling asleep during the audiobook.