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Mr Cheng-BBC4. What a lovely film!

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Glorianny Sun 29-Jan-23 15:15:58

If you are feeling a bit in need of comfort can I recommend this film. It's a romance story that isn't OTT. It's Finnish and the Finnish countryside looks beautiful. The characters are sometimes funny and sometimes touching. If I have one criticism I would like to have seen some older women as well as the old men in it. But that's just by the by. Some of the claims aboutChinese food may be a touch exaggerated but it does leave you with a longing to have fresh food which is healthy and well cooked. Think I would love to visit Finland.

Lucca Sun 29-Jan-23 15:21:26

Which channel ?

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:24:37

I’m going to look for it.

My son loves the Finnish people. He always says that they are so civilised.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:27:51

It is on iplayer

Master Cheng.

Glorianny Sun 29-Jan-23 15:29:05


Which channel ?

BBC 4. It was on last night in the 9pm slot where they usually have a foreign series/film.

Glorianny Sun 29-Jan-23 15:30:38


It is on iplayer

Master Cheng.

Sorry if I got it wrong. I'm debating if I should watch it again. It was so uplifting.

BlueBelle Sun 29-Jan-23 15:30:52

I watched it by mistake last night and loved it It was kinda old fashioned and calm and easy and just pretty lovely
Yes I enjoyed it very much

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Jan-23 15:38:10

DH making a cup of tea and cutting a slice of cake and we will settle to watch it.

Glorianny Sun 29-Jan-23 15:45:05


DH making a cup of tea and cutting a slice of cake and we will settle to watch it.

Sounds lovely! Enjoy!

pascal30 Sun 29-Jan-23 16:01:38

It's charming and gentle. thankyou for bringing it to our attention. Just what is needed at the moment with such awful news in the world..

Sparklefizz Sun 29-Jan-23 16:44:03

Thank you. I'll give it a try.

Whitewavemark2 Sun 29-Jan-23 18:02:41

That was delightful.

Thank you and if there are any others be pleased to know🙂

Greyduster Tue 31-Jan-23 18:43:05

I watched it this afternoon. Lovely film. It cheered me up no end!

Oldbat1 Wed 01-Feb-23 00:36:49

Watched it tonight on iPlayer. Enjoyed it. Thank you for the recommendation.

Juliet27 Wed 01-Feb-23 07:46:58

Even my husband enjoyed it! Thanks for recommending.

Wyllow3 Wed 01-Feb-23 07:53:45

I just loved it! Gentle and healing and lovely ending.
Cannot recommend it too highly.

Glorianny Wed 01-Feb-23 10:18:18

So pleased others enjoyed it. It was slipped in so quietly as well. Why don't they praise films like this?
I watched "The Banshees of Innisherin" in the afternoon. An excellent film but not one which leaves a feel-good factor. This was so much better for my mood.

Callistemon21 Wed 01-Feb-23 10:44:35

I must look for it.
We spent some happy days in Finland 🙂