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Hotel Portofino

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Judy54 Sun 05-Feb-23 14:13:17

Have you watched the first episode. This new series was given five stars but I could not get into it at all. The comparisons with Downton Abbey, are in my opinion much overrated. What did you think of it and will you continue to watch it.

merlotgran Sun 05-Feb-23 14:22:28

I was underwhelmed as well but I’ll watch another episode to see if it improves.

polly123 Sun 05-Feb-23 14:25:36

Beautiful to look at but a very cheesy script. Not well written and rather a predictable plot with one dimensional characters.

Sparklefizz Sun 05-Feb-23 14:27:43

Cheesy and very predictable, I thought, but the scenery was lovely.
Not a patch on Downton!

Pudding123 Sun 05-Feb-23 14:39:44

I enjoyed this mainly because of the scenery but thought it was nowhere as good as Downton..but I will give it a second chance.

ParlorGames Sun 05-Feb-23 14:46:11

This was on last year as I recall but on a different channel.

flump Sun 05-Feb-23 15:49:01

I thought the first episode was more about setting up the characters and giving a little background to the story. I'll watch the next one and decide then.

ParlorGames Sun 05-Feb-23 15:57:06

I have just remembered; Portofino was screened on BritBox last year. I watched all episodes but I promise not to reveal any spoilers.

toscalily Sun 05-Feb-23 16:38:23

Filmed mainly in Croatia with a few long shots of Portofino apparently. I thought it was dire, poor storyline, poor acting and dialogue. Scenery and costumes were the only good thing about it. I won't bother watching anymore.

Oldbat1 Sun 05-Feb-23 19:33:09

Only positive remark from me is the lovely scenery. Thought it was very weak. We saw it last year on Brit Box I think.