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New Corrie Thread

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Doodledog Mon 22-May-23 22:44:02

Roll up, roll up!

The old one is full, so post your Corrie thoughts and observations here.

vegansrock Tue 23-May-23 04:53:11

We are all fed up with Faye now- let her move to a Slough and disappear into the sunset. Is Brian’s Italian cousin a scammer? It’s quite amusing to see Mary jealous ! Will Hope end up in the young offenders/ prison set?

Aveline Tue 23-May-23 06:09:57

Yes. Bye Faye!

Beechnut Tue 23-May-23 07:15:07

Mary last night when she marched up the street when Brian was smoking 🤣🤣

Clawdy Tue 23-May-23 07:47:28

Have to say, that was rather a nice scarf the cousin gave Brian! But yes, maybe she's not quite what she seems.

Aveline Tue 23-May-23 07:48:58

She's not got much to gain from potentially scamming Brian though

Doodledog Tue 23-May-23 08:18:41

Poor Mary. She is destined to stay alone forever, isn't she? She would be a nightmare partner in many ways, but she would be loyal and caring, and Brian isn't a great catch anyway. I think they would be well suited.

I don't know if Young Offenders would help Hope. Her problems go deeper than that. She seems to revel in her father's notoriety, but I don't think she ever knew him. The suggestion seems to be that she inherited his murderous tendencies, which is a strange message in 2023. She has a loving family in Fizz and Tyrone, and she's not deprived or noticeably different from her pals - she's just A Bad Lot. She has been overindulged IMO, but maybe that's because of her start in life (I can't remember the detail now, but she was called Hope because it was touch and go for her as a newborn).

What do you mean, it's not real? 😳

Aveline Tue 23-May-23 08:35:12

😂. I always thought they hadn't thought through her name - Hope Stape. Not great.

sodapop Tue 23-May-23 08:46:15

I think the Italian cousin is up to no good as well, not sure what she will gain from Brian though. I love Mary's character and eccentric ways, she is a joy to watch.
I saw a picture of Gemma's wedding dress yesterday - oh dear, but typically Gemma.

Doodledog Tue 23-May-23 09:13:49


😂. I always thought they hadn't thought through her name - Hope Stape. Not great.

In Fizz's shoes wouldn't you change your name if your new husband turned out to be a killer who lugged about bodies wrapped in carpet? They weren't married long enough for her to have got used to the name.

Re Brian - is he married? I know he had a relationship with Eileen's sister, then the woman who used to work in the cafe but left to go on Waterloo Road (Cathy?), but did he have a wife in the first place? He was a head teacher, so if he hasn't lost out in a divorce he might have a few quid in the bank - does he have a house? Did he break up with Freda? They were a couple for a while too, I think? He must have something going for him to get through all these women, I suppose grin.

maddyone Tue 23-May-23 11:21:20

I don’t like Jackson. Craigie is much more genuine.

Calendargirl Tue 23-May-23 11:35:53

Don’t think Brian was ever with Freda, was he? That was Norris surely, or have I forgotten past storylines? I pity them, whoever they were.

Yes, I too have seen a picture of Gemma’s wedding dress.

The Quality Street tin has been raided!

sodapop Tue 23-May-23 12:29:35

Yes it was Norris & Freda not Brian.

Sorry maddyone but I think Craig has changed, he is turning into a quite unpleasant controlling man.

Doodledog Tue 23-May-23 13:24:10


I don’t like Jackson. Craigie is much more genuine.

Maybe so (although sodapop has a valid point), but as my grandmother would have said, he's not bonny, is he? grin

Aveline Tue 23-May-23 13:37:15

Gemma and Chesneys wedding photo is absolutely fabulous! It couldn't be better. Completely them.

Aveline Tue 23-May-23 13:39:13

Spoiler alert. Here it is.

Doodledog Tue 23-May-23 13:50:37


They look great, and the quads do too.

Charleygirl5 Tue 23-May-23 13:53:08

OMG is all I have to say. but the kind of God-awful dress she would choose. There is a race whether the style or colour is the worst.

Doodledog Tue 23-May-23 13:57:15

It's perfect for them, which is what matters grin

Ilovecheese Tue 23-May-23 14:37:27

I think Craig is becoming tougher after being in the police for a while, which would be quite realistic.

sodapop Tue 23-May-23 15:13:33

Yes I agree Doodledog it is all so Gemma, love the children with their orange accessories.

vegansrock Thu 25-May-23 06:22:45

ByeFaye - another one off in a taxi. We knew the Italian cousin was a bad ‘un. Freddie seen again at last, we knew he would end up with Evelyn. Why doesn’t Paul. share his illness with Billy. seems nuts that he won’t say anything to his partner. Wasn’t he lucky to get an instant hospital appointment?

BlueBelle Thu 25-May-23 06:34:13

Ahh I think she looks lovely not as bad as I expected it to be I thought she was going to look like a pantomime dame but that’s a perfect dress and they all look so lovely
No I ve gone a bit off Craigy too he’s not a bundle of laughs either
Jackson’s not really had a part to show any character ….anyway they ve gone so we ll have mopey Craigy now
Pauls walking around like Quasimodo and no one notices ???
I hope Roy isn’t going to leave us he’s one of the best in there

Doodledog Thu 25-May-23 08:25:54

I hope Roy stays too. I wouldn’t blame the actor for retiring though. He’s served his time and the programme is on the decline- maybe better to go out before it does a Brookside?

I don’t understand Paul either. I do understand people not wanting to discuss their health and not wanting to be defined by it, but Billy is his partner and very used to dealing with difficult situations. It would be much easier if he confided in him. Having said that, Billy did go way over the top being protective of Summer, so maybe Paul is fighting against giving him that level of control? He won’t be able to hide it for much longer though. MND is a merciless disease. I hope he doesn’t push Billy away altogether before the truth comes out.

Aveline Thu 25-May-23 08:49:46

I thought Paul was keeping it quiet as he didn't want to spoil Gemma's wedding which seems reasonable although he's blown it now. Poor man. Also maybe trying to pretend to himself that it's not really happening. Very believable. Good acting too.