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Tina Turner has died

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Blondiescot Wed 24-May-23 19:39:21

Sad to read the news that Tina Turner has died. Didn't realise she was 83.

Primrose53 Wed 24-May-23 19:39:52

Oh no!!!!

Ilovecheese Wed 24-May-23 19:41:28

A brave and talented woman who gave joy to millions.

Blondiescot Wed 24-May-23 19:42:51

Sorry, meant to add this to my post:

Visgir1 Wed 24-May-23 19:44:44

No.. Total Legend saw her x3 times, she was amazing. RIP Super Star. 🌟

rafichagran Wed 24-May-23 19:44:46

I loved Tina Turner, her music, her dance moves and her performances.
RIP Tina.

DamaskRose Wed 24-May-23 19:45:56

Very sad to hear that.

Smileless2012 Wed 24-May-23 19:47:19

RIP Tina Turner, she was 'Simply the Best'.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 24-May-23 19:48:02

How sad. I didn’t realise she was 83. An amazing singer and role model.

NanKate Wed 24-May-23 19:53:26

What a star 🌟 She will be sadly missed. RIP Tina 💐

Grandmabatty Wed 24-May-23 19:54:46

I was sorry to hear that. I loved her music

GrannyGravy13 Wed 24-May-23 19:54:56

We saw her whenever she was in U.K. for a concert, fabulous artist, fabulous shows.

Her life was horrendous at times but she won in the end.

RIP Tina, you really were The Best ❤️

Norah Wed 24-May-23 20:07:34


Simply the Best!

ixion Wed 24-May-23 20:08:38

Mr. Ixion will be gutted!

Glorianny Wed 24-May-23 20:21:06

RIP Tina. Thanks for some great music.

TerriBull Wed 24-May-23 20:26:14

Very sorry to read this, remember from her earliest days of River Deep Mountain High.

RIP Tina you were simply the best!, better than all the rest sad

nanaK54 Wed 24-May-23 20:26:53

Such sad news

Iam64 Wed 24-May-23 20:29:40

An interesting, strong survivor of all kinds of life’s difficulties, especially Ike

Susynan Wed 24-May-23 20:36:44

Amazing performer, amazing woman.

sodapop Wed 24-May-23 20:43:45

Definitely Simply the Best, great singer. RIP Tina.

MayBee70 Wed 24-May-23 21:19:37

Not my kind of music but I was channel hopping one night and Sky Arts was showing one of her concerts and it was amazing. Such energy and stage presence.

Chardy Wed 24-May-23 21:45:34

Some wonderful clips on Twitter at the moment if you've an hour or 2 to spare - 60s, 80s and 21st century.

mokryna Wed 24-May-23 22:10:44

An incredible woman, I enjoyed her music. RIP Tina.

Daisymae Wed 24-May-23 22:41:26

Saw her show in London, she was brilliant. One of a kind. Sad news.

Lumiere Wed 24-May-23 22:46:40

A strong woman, who experienced domestic abuse at a time when such matters were perhaps something to be endured and not spoken about
RIP Tina Turner
I applaud your courage