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Joseann Fri 26-May-23 08:44:35

Unfortunately Amsterdam isn't on my list to visit this year, but yesterday at the cinema I saw an amazing film about the Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum. Very interesting for anyone who is interested in this Dutch Master.

Marmin Fri 26-May-23 08:54:27

This exhibition is completely sold out and has been for a long time. It is possible to view it online. Amsterdam is well worth a visit for anyone interested in art.

Esmay Fri 26-May-23 09:11:00

Thank you .
I'd like to see it on line .
I love Vermeer's paintings .

Greyduster Fri 26-May-23 09:21:07

I would love to have see that. He’s always been one of my favourite painters. I was fascinated also by Hans Van Meegeren, the forger who traded Herman Goering one of his forged Vermeers for a hundred and forty seven looted old masters. He fooled the art world for a long time but his meticulous techniques were his downfall in the end.

Namsnanny Fri 26-May-23 15:33:10

I would have loved to see this, but it doesn't seem to be on everywhere.
Which cinema chain did you catch it Joseann?

Joseann Fri 26-May-23 15:57:48

Scott Cinemas (West Country)
Have you tried looking on Art Galleries' websites maybe?

Namsnanny Fri 26-May-23 23:15:23

Thanks Joseann I think I've missed it by a whisker sad

mokryna Mon 29-May-23 11:27:55

Thé film was show a few weeks ago at my local cinema. Luckily it was in English with French subtitles.

LJP1 Mon 29-May-23 11:32:05

Vermeer is underestimated. There is a lovely painting of Amsterdam in the rain - do look at it if you can. The reproductions do not do it justice.

GrammarGrandma Mon 29-May-23 11:36:29

I went to the exhibition - booked as soon as it was announced - and would love to see the film but it had very limited distribution. LJPI what paimting do you mean? I don't think Vermeer ever painted Amsterdam.

hebburnsent Mon 29-May-23 11:44:00

I saw it a couple of weeks ago at the cinema also. Wasn't it amazing? Apparently the queues at the Rijksmuseum are round the block so we probably saw more without being hurried along.

Boz Mon 29-May-23 11:49:33

Saw it at the Odeon a few weeks ago; very limited showing - two shows - about 12 in audience! It was costly (nearing £50 in total) as they put it in the premium seating screenroom.
That said, it was worth the cost as it was wonderful. You got to see the pictures in a way you wouldn't have in Amsterdam. No crowds; no sweat. A very nice experience.

Joseann Mon 29-May-23 11:55:43


I went to the exhibition - booked as soon as it was announced - and would love to see the film but it had very limited distribution. LJPI what paimting do you mean? I don't think Vermeer ever painted Amsterdam.

Lucky you GG.
Is the painting mentioned the one of Delft? They discussed it in detail near the beginning of the film. If I remember they talked about the threatening cloudy sky, but I don't ont think there was any rain?

Joseann Mon 29-May-23 11:56:01


Gin Mon 29-May-23 12:08:51

Many years ago I saw a previous Vermeer exhibition in the Mauritshuis in The Hague. I still have a bag I bought with ‘ The girl with the pearl earring’ on it and postcards of other paintings. ‘The view of Delft’ is one of my favourites. The Mautitshuis is such a lovely setting with the lake behind it and ‘ The Plein’ in the the front, a small but lovely museum.

jmsburnham Mon 29-May-23 12:23:59

Flying to Amsterdam tomorrow to see the Vermeer exhibition at the Rijksmuseum - feel very lucky to have tickets!

Crenniemac Mon 29-May-23 12:36:03

Yes it is Delft. He lived in Delft. I would have loved to have seen the exhibition. But I am disabled and it’s a terribly difficult going anywhere.

Did you read/see the film The Pearl Earring?

Crenniemac Mon 29-May-23 12:37:00

Have a lovely time!

LJP1 Mon 29-May-23 13:04:47

Apologies - it is Delft - Amsterdam was wherer we saw it.

fluttERBY123 Mon 29-May-23 13:07:31

I saw that film, limited viewings at local theatre. Terrific commentary and commentator often shut up and let you just look at the paintings. No.irritating background music either.

Hilarybee Mon 29-May-23 15:18:49

Programme on setting up the Vermeer exhibition this Wednesday 9pm BBC 4

sally45 Mon 29-May-23 15:34:46

thanks for this post, really interesting

Grandma70s Mon 29-May-23 15:38:56

I love Dutch painters, especially Vermeer. I studied them at infant school - honestly! - in the 1940s. We all loved them.

Northernlass Mon 29-May-23 17:32:51

I couldn't get tickets either. This is a good second best though!

parsnip57 Tue 30-May-23 05:48:59

Have just saved on my list to watch this evening 9oc BBC4.