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Barry Humphries..(dame Edna everage) ITV 9pm

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lemsip Sun 28-May-23 21:14:41

On now clips and as himself ...

lemsip Sun 28-May-23 22:13:00

Oh dear, On Bbc2 not itv. apologies

tiredoldwoman Sun 28-May-23 23:34:44

I watched it and thoroughly enjoyed it . A very clever ,funny man !

crazyH Sun 28-May-23 23:41:21

Yes, enjoyed the programme about Dame Edna Everage - what a great creation by Barry Humphries. So many wonderfully talented people have left us 🥲

Aveline Mon 29-May-23 06:32:38

I've recorded it to savour later. Barry Humphreys was so talented and funny. We loved his incredibly irreverent naughty articles in the Oldie. If the woke brigade had read them they'd have combusted!

NanaDana Mon 29-May-23 09:06:39

A comedy genius, and reportedly a genuinely kind, caring man. He certainly broke new ground with his alter egos, and was brilliant at bursting the bubbles of those who considered themselves a wee bit precious. A good innings though, and I send my condolences to his family and friends. He will be universally missed.