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GagaJo Fri 02-Jun-23 22:12:08

Anyone watched and enjoyed this?

I loved the first two series so was very happy to see there was a third. And I think more episodes are coming!

Nice, feel-good TV.

pieinthesky Wed 07-Jun-23 00:43:48

Yes we’ve now watched all three series and really hope there is a fourth one. A different angle on the single mum story and it’s full of really interesting not to say whacky characters. A shame it’s on so late but not suitable really for early viewing. We normally watch things week by week but watched quite a few episodes of this series back to back on IPlayer. Feel sure if it was given a bit more publicity a lot more people would watch it. From what I’ve read it’s very popular in Australia. I really like Santi’s grandmother, she’s hilarious.

Namsnanny Wed 07-Jun-23 01:01:40

Where is it shown Gagajo?

Aldom Wed 07-Jun-23 06:53:54

It's an Australian comedy.
Shown on BBC 1 at 23.30.

Visgir1 Wed 07-Jun-23 07:43:43

Australia recently had some good TV which the BBC has picked up good move by them.
I will check this out on I-player thanks.
Have you seen "Colin from Account's"? Brilliantly funny.

This imported Aussie TV looks like it has happened since "Bluey" so loved by young children and parents/Grandparents alike.

Namsnanny Wed 07-Jun-23 13:38:02


It's an Australian comedy.
Shown on BBC 1 at 23.30.

Thank you Aldom