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Callistemon21 Sat 15-Jul-23 21:15:39

We haven't watched it recently as it did seem to become more like a soap opera, the private lives of the staff taking priority.

However, tonight's episode and it is quite compelling and realistic. It is interpersed with views and comments from real NHS staff and is a tribute to 75 years of the NHS.

I can recommend it.

Joseann Sat 15-Jul-23 21:29:58

I thought the format was far better than the usual Casualty dramas.

Callistemon21 Sat 15-Jul-23 21:34:38

It was quite different, far more realistic.

BlueBelle Sat 15-Jul-23 21:40:51

I loved it tonight thought it was far superior to the silly stories we ve had lately Really really enjoyed it

Cabbie21 Sat 15-Jul-23 22:32:59


Charleygirl5 Sun 16-Jul-23 08:55:39

I watch it weekly hail, rain or shine and I agree, last night's was definitely better than usual. It is so much better if they stay within the hospital, the drama is more realistic.

I think the problem is like Coronation Street, there is a multitude of writers so we get daft plots.

Athrawes Sun 16-Jul-23 12:33:46

I agree it was very good last night. Made me think a bit more about how staff have to manage and the effects on them.

sodapop Sun 16-Jul-23 13:44:59


I thought the format was far better than the usual Casualty dramas.

Definitely Joseann I really enjoyed it.

Kim19 Sun 16-Jul-23 18:40:06

Thought it was more like a documentary than a drama. Interesting though......

Maggiemaybe Sun 16-Jul-23 19:54:21

I haven’t seen Casualty for years, but might seek this episode out, Thanks, Callistemon.

Our 7 year old DGS had us foxed for ages in a game of charades, strolling round and round the dining table with a few shrugs and a couldn’t care less look on his face.

Clue: a TV programme.
Answer: Casually

Callistemon21 Sun 16-Jul-23 20:10:03

Maggiemaybee 😁

Wassiriour Tue 05-Dec-23 11:09:04

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Desdemona Tue 05-Dec-23 11:11:54

When is Casualty back on TV? Miss it of a saturday night.

Charleygirl5 Tue 05-Dec-23 13:50:42

Apparently "soon" whatever that may mean.

MrsQuigley Tue 05-Dec-23 17:39:39

30th December it is back on TV.

BlueBelle Tue 05-Dec-23 17:44:44