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Channel 4 ‘carbon skidmarks’

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SusieBQ Tue 21-Nov-23 11:14:30

Anyone agree that Channel 4 has reached a new low with this trailer? ‘Executives’ twerking and worse in their white underpants displaying ‘carbon skid marks.’ I understand the underlying message, but really?

Joane123 Tue 21-Nov-23 11:38:49


avitorl Tue 21-Nov-23 11:41:27

I agree.I think it must be the most dreadful advert ever.

Hetty58 Tue 21-Nov-23 11:41:33

Pretty shocking - but that's exactly what makes an ad memorable. It's always the irritating or disturbing ones that make an impact.

bikergran Tue 21-Nov-23 15:57:48

I was going to post as soon as I saw this the other week then though naggghh getters will just think I'm being a prude and one would be coming along saying. Well if it's made you take notice then it has worked.Blaa blaa blaa.
Well yes it did make me take notice but not about oil. I thought its one of the most disgusting adds trailers I have ever seen. Men gyrating almost doing a set act on the back of a chair a woman gyrating with some kind of pole,skidmarks being oil,all of them doing oo performing a sex act. What has all that got to do with Climate change. Also it was on during the day but seemed a watered down one. Utterly disgusting, almost( and no I've never watched one) like watching some kind or orgy! If I see it coming on( the man sat on the plane) I switch over.

bikergran Tue 21-Nov-23 16:01:24

I thinking Hetty has hit the nail on the head deff DISTURBING.It makes me think of what is kind of mind does this person have who has made this kind of add and also the people who actually agreed to take part can only think they were paid very well!

sodapop Tue 21-Nov-23 19:12:11

Dreadful advert, I agree SusieBQ just when you thought things couldn't get any worse ..........they do .

Callistemon21 Tue 21-Nov-23 19:46:27

Oh - I thought you were going to say it was an ad for washing powder.

My mind (sorry blush)

Babsbada Fri 24-Nov-23 11:20:30

It's a vile advert. Disgusting.

Parsley3 Fri 24-Nov-23 11:27:21

Who thought this ad was a good idea? It's childish humour about a serious subject and has clearly lost us as the intended audience. Is anyone here in favour of it?

Whethertomorrow Fri 24-Nov-23 11:45:40

Absolutely agree. I must be slow but I had to watch it at least 3 times to even understand the message it was giving. I suspect that most/some people in an ad agency must smoke something odd in order to be creative enough to come up with this utter rubbish.

deedeedum Fri 24-Nov-23 11:46:52

If enough of us complain they should remove the ad it is horrible.

missdeke Fri 24-Nov-23 11:47:17


Pretty shocking - but that's exactly what makes an ad memorable. It's always the irritating or disturbing ones that make an impact.

It's awful, but I don't think it's memorable, I can't tell you what it is actually advertising.

Jzpap Fri 24-Nov-23 11:48:13

Well this is timely! I’ve Just driven back from Sainsbury’s on a busy main road to see a hoarding showing white underpants on a washing line with the black stain and the words Carbon skid mark. Had no idea it was for a TV programme but thought to myself it was very inappropriate

sweetcakes Fri 24-Nov-23 12:08:32

Vile disgusting ad for a TV programme I turn the sound off and look at my phone. Channel 4 should be ashamed.

icanhandthemback Fri 24-Nov-23 12:19:42

I hated it too. I thought it was a revolting way of promoting anything, even the problem they are referring to. I'm happy with shock tactics but that was just stomach churning.

sodapop Fri 24-Nov-23 12:22:21

Same here missdeke an awful ad but no idea what it is for.

Jens Fri 24-Nov-23 13:59:00

I am totally disgusted with this advert, their antics looked to me like a bunch of people, who'd pooed their Y-fronts, got high, stripped off, and are cavorting, flapping semi bare, nether regions leaving little or nothing to the imagination scrawny legs sticking out of faeces covered pants. If I knew where, i'd've lodged a complaint with ad watchdog, it's horrendous that this type of behaviour is broadcast for all and sundry to watch irregardless of age and passed off as entertainment. Mindless, totally mindless, and that's what they call advertising? Ufffffffffff

MattDanNana Fri 24-Nov-23 14:05:31

Oh it's disgusting! Was eating my supper last night when it came on, put me right off! Not doing much for the 'cause' I think.

montymops Fri 24-Nov-23 16:13:18

I agree with all comments- it is quite horrible and I still don’t get the message - have no idea what they are advertising or meaning - certainly worth a major complaint.

icanhandthemback Fri 24-Nov-23 16:40:45

Even my husband who is still a child when it comes to things like f*rting jokes thought this was horrible.

icanhandthemback Fri 24-Nov-23 16:48:53

I've had a quick look to see the grounds for complaint with Ofcom but can't see anything which would be correct. Has anyone else had a look because I'd like to complain but don't want it to be a waste of time and effort.

jocork Fri 24-Nov-23 17:30:13

Haven't seen it. If watching commercial channels I tend to do something else in the ad breaks so I have been spared. Made me curious though....

Dottydots Fri 24-Nov-23 18:15:25

Totally disgusted with it.

mrswoo Fri 24-Nov-23 18:29:51

I've seen it once and thought it was vile. Words (very nearly) fail me - who on earth thought this was a good idea.