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New episodes of Virgin River

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Aveline Thu 30-Nov-23 17:31:59

Just spotted the two new episodes of Virgin River. Christmas themed? Will save them for a Saturday pm binge

Beechnut Thu 30-Nov-23 17:39:43

Thanks Aveline

Sparklefizz Thu 30-Nov-23 17:40:42

I loved Virgin River at first but after a while it got too sugary sweet for me (and I couldn't stand that awful woman, the doc's wife .. forgotten her name)

Aveline Thu 30-Nov-23 18:10:41

I agree. It is pretty saccharin but, somehow I really love the setting. The Drs wife is really irritating!

henetha Thu 30-Nov-23 18:26:41

Yippee... I love this happy programme.

LauraNorderr Thu 30-Nov-23 18:31:04

Yippee from me too.
I love sugary sweet tv, film, food, children, everything.
I even like Hope (Doc’s wife), she does good things for her community.

henetha Thu 30-Nov-23 18:44:36

Yay, LauraNorder. 😁

merlotgran Thu 30-Nov-23 18:51:59

Whoop whoop! I’m looking forward to it despite the ridiculous cliff hanger at the end of the last episode.

Beechnut Fri 01-Dec-23 10:44:05

I don’t mind them either LauraNorderr. Plenty of them on in the afternoons this time of year. People getting together with an old flame while snowflakes fall appropriately 🌨🌨🤣

LauraNorderr Fri 01-Dec-23 11:16:49

Oh yes Beechnut good old Christmas mush along with a Baileys to warm the heart and soul.

Aveline Fri 01-Dec-23 15:10:23

Oh yes the Bailey's. Glad you reminded me. Must get some.

LauraNorderr Fri 01-Dec-23 15:21:05

We’ve started without you Aveline, tested Shamrock, bit thinner but I prefer it that way, good taste.
Aldi version £5 for 70cl was just as good as Shamrock but the Lidl version Dundalgon was dire, too thin and lacing that lovely flavour.
Will test the original again while Tesco are selling a litre for £10. Maybe try the Shamrock again too before making a final decision 🥳 hic.
Ooh Home for the Holidays on Channel 5. That’ll do

merlotgran Fri 01-Dec-23 17:31:18

I’ve just watched the first one. They’ve ramped up the sugar content so high it should come with a health warning.

One thing I can’t remember. Who is the father of Charmaine’s twins?

Beechnut Fri 01-Dec-23 18:31:09

I can’t quite remember merlotgran but I think he is one of the horrible characters.

silverlining48 Fri 01-Dec-23 19:02:06

It’s not the man who runs the bar with the black chef who killed his friend (with the little boy )partner. Hope the doc’s wife is annoying but I thought she had calmed down a bit in the latest one episode thing… for Charmaine and the twins, wasn’t the father the short but rich boyfriend, though didn’t she pass them off as the man who runs the bar?
Didn’t doc die at the end of the episode? It’s all coming back to me. smile

Clearly I take little interest in this sugary but not unpleasant series .

Beechnut Fri 01-Dec-23 19:37:22

Gosh! I think we’ve all got swamped by so much sugar and lost sight of the plot

Beechnut Fri 01-Dec-23 19:39:55

I’ll rewatch the last episode before I catch up on the new ones.

merlotgran Fri 01-Dec-23 20:14:57

I’m rewatching it now. Maybe this proves that too much sugar is bad for your memory. 😂

LauraNorderr Fri 01-Dec-23 20:55:47


Beechnut Sat 02-Dec-23 14:37:29

All up to date with watching 🎄

Aveline Sun 03-Dec-23 10:22:20

Well I'm up to date now. I love the place and would love to live there. Only snag would be I'd need to carry a sick bucket with me at all times in case I was overcome by the sugariness!
Is it just me or has Mel put on a bit of weight? Her face seemed fuller

merlotgran Sun 03-Dec-23 11:14:34

I’m up to date as well. Have Mel and Jack forgotten about the fire damaged homestead they were going to buy?

I liked the twist at the end with Brady and whatsername. Roll on series 6!

LauraNorderr Sun 03-Dec-23 13:03:35

Okay, I’ll leave this thread in case of spoilers and binge watch this afternoon.

Auntieflo Mon 04-Dec-23 19:32:30

With you there Aveline. We watched yesterday and I couldn't believe how 'sugary' it was, both episodes.
Yes, I think Mel has put on a bit of weight.