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The Father, starring Anthony Hopkins

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welbeck Tue 05-Dec-23 12:03:20

was on channel 4 recently. did anyone see this.
hard to watch at times, and gave an impression of the lived reality of increasing mental confusion.
even the viewer did not know what was actually happening at times, if you see what i mean.

Treelover Tue 05-Dec-23 12:07:40

yes I've avoided it as can't imagine it would be be a reassuring view.

Nell8 Tue 05-Dec-23 12:23:53

I watched it for the second time and thought Anthony Hopkins was outstanding.
It's very poignant and unsettling but I guess it offered a realistic insight into the experience of dementia.

Primrose53 Sun 18-Feb-24 09:15:51

Gosh, I recorded this and watched it last night.

I found it harrowing and confusing to watch but Anthony Hopkins played the part brilliantly.

It brought back just how confused my Mum was in the last couple of years of her life which sadly was greatly worsened by Covid and not being able to see us for several months. It was a horrible, horrible time. When I could visit her every other day she was on an even keel and quite happy but once tough restrictions were brought in she went downhill fast. 😢

TwiceAsNice Sun 18-Feb-24 09:18:38

I went to see it when it came out in the cinema with my daughter. Anthony Hopkins did an amazing performance I thought but my daughter didn’t like it she thought it was very depressing. It’s my greatest fear to be diagnosed with dementia