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Rufus Sewell

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sodapop Tue 05-Dec-23 22:03:15

Rufus Sewell is engaged, I wish them both well but 😭

Sago Tue 05-Dec-23 22:06:14

He was mine, we just never got our timing right😉.
I am also 30 years too old😂

merlotgran Tue 05-Dec-23 22:14:46

Queen Victoria will NOT be amused!

M0nica Wed 06-Dec-23 13:09:37

His third marriage. the triumph of hope over experience for both of them.

I remember him as a very handsome young man, not much interest in him otherwise. He really has gone over, now. he could walk down any High Street and no one would give him a second look.

eazybee Wed 06-Dec-23 13:32:10

Oh I don't think so, MOnica.!

HousePlantQueen Wed 06-Dec-23 13:35:09

I asked him to keep it I will be the talk of the wash house. And of GN

Norah Wed 06-Dec-23 14:06:50

Attractive with lovely hair.
He has surely aged nicely!

MrsKen33 Wed 06-Dec-23 15:23:38

MOnica love that expression ‘ gone over’. Bit like curdled milk

Nightsky2 Wed 06-Dec-23 15:34:26

The girlfriend is 30 years younger and she doesn't think he’s “gone over”.

Nightsky2 Wed 06-Dec-23 15:37:17

56 and 26.

cc Wed 06-Dec-23 15:47:28

I've just done a bit of Googling and I'd agree, he's not as attractive as when he was younger - but are any of us?!
I loved him when he played an Italian aristo in "Dangerous Beauty" with Catherine McCormack.

M0nica Wed 06-Dec-23 15:50:41

MrsKen33 I am reading a book published in the 1860s.

The importance off whether someone (male) has gone over and gone off forms an iportant part of the book. Indeed the heroine, at 19, considers she has a good ten years ahead of her before she starts going off.

tickingbird Wed 06-Dec-23 15:53:41

Interesting how it’s acceptable when a man is with someone 30 yrs younger but always comments when it’s the other way round - ie Joan Collins.

sodapop Wed 06-Dec-23 21:39:53

I can give him a good 20 years so he can still be my young beau.

Callistemon21 Wed 06-Dec-23 22:30:41

I think I'll decline, he's been around the block too many times for me 🙂

Allsorts Wed 06-Dec-23 22:37:39

Not for me he's missed his chance, hes just going over the hill.
Can't see why anyone would marry someone that much older, its your dads generation.

Clawdy Fri 08-Dec-23 08:38:42

He was a beautiful young man. I remember being on holiday years ago and walking past the filming of Far From The Madding Crowd. The cast were having a break, and I walked as close to him as possible and gazed into those mesmerising hazel eyes!

Clawdy Fri 08-Dec-23 08:43:29

Oops, meant The Woodlanders, not Far From The Madding Crowd!

Callistemon21 Fri 08-Dec-23 10:37:59

Not for me he's missed his chance

Yes, he's too late!!

AreWeThereYet Fri 08-Dec-23 11:03:51

I'm just watching Middlemarch and didn't know Rufus Sewell was in it, so was taken aback to see him with black locks flying. Had to double check it was him (although those cheek bones are unmistakable) as I've never seen him with long hair before.

Clawdy Fri 08-Dec-23 23:09:16

He was so gorgeous in Middlemarch.

M0nica Sat 09-Dec-23 12:07:17

As I said, he hasn't half gone off.

tickingbird Mon 11-Dec-23 17:10:25

Yes he was handsome in Far From The Madding Crowd but can’t hold a candle to the original film with the beautiful Terence Stamp.

BlueBelle Mon 11-Dec-23 17:13:51

What’s so interesting about a man getting engaged !!!,

Anniebach Mon 11-Dec-23 17:15:19

No one can hold a candle to the beautiful Terence Stamp