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Do you have an ‘old lady crush'?

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Daddima Thu 07-Dec-23 18:48:02

Or an ‘old gentleman crush’, if you are not an old lady?
I have been watching The Good Doctor, about a surgeon with autism and savant syndrome. You must suspend belief a great deal, but I have developed the said ‘old lady crush’ on Freddie Highmore, who plays Shaun, after seeing him interviewed on You Tube.
My friend loves Harry Styles, and my daughter-in-law says her crush is Timothee Chalamet ( whoever he is)

I don’t count my Paul McCartney or Sam Neill crushes, as they are nearer in age.

Daddima Thu 07-Dec-23 18:48:45

Should be “ rather than )!

Daddima Thu 07-Dec-23 18:49:41

Or ‘ rather than “!

Oh, for an edit button.

paddyann54 Thu 07-Dec-23 18:53:00

Paolo Nutini words needed

Ilovecheese Thu 07-Dec-23 19:18:56

The judge on Britain's Best Woodworker

TerriBull Thu 07-Dec-23 19:30:00

I kind of read it wrong thinking the crush was for an old lady, Dames Maggie or Judy sprang to mind, well definitely no!, fine actresses that they are. An older woman crush at least, who wants to be classed as an old ladyshock

suzie20 Thu 07-Dec-23 19:37:21

The only crush for me will always be David Essex.

Tenko Thu 07-Dec-23 19:40:33

I’m not old but I have a girl crush on Monica Galetti , one of the masterchef hosts.

crazyH Thu 07-Dec-23 19:42:55

1. Jeremy Vine
2. All the Judges and Solicitors on Court TV😂

Tenko Thu 07-Dec-23 19:43:21

My other crush was Viggo Mortensen , but only when he was Aragon in lord of the rings

Marydoll Thu 07-Dec-23 20:09:27

I do. Three Turkish actors. Gokhan Alkan, Engin Akyürek and Can Yaman. blush

I became hooked on Turkish dramas, when my health failed and I was confined to barracks. Pure escapism.

The bonus is I am also learning to speak Turkish! 🤣

P.S. Please don't tell anyone! wink

SueDonim Thu 07-Dec-23 20:15:29

Current crush is Cole Hauser but only as Rip Wheeler in Yellowstone, with his hat on. :niche: 🤣

Lilypops Thu 07-Dec-23 20:28:02

Can I choose Martin Shaw as my crush. Oh and Rupert Sewell but he is betrothed now !!

Lilypops Thu 07-Dec-23 20:28:49

For a female crush I love Alison Steadman. Great actress

Casdon Thu 07-Dec-23 20:31:18

I think you mean a crush on somebody much younger than we are Daddima? If so, I’m quite smitten with Bradley Cooper.

joannapiano Thu 07-Dec-23 20:55:11

Brad Pitt!

Redhead56 Thu 07-Dec-23 21:21:30

Too many to mention I led a sheltered life when I was younger!

Deedaa Thu 07-Dec-23 21:35:59

I am reminded of the time when Cliff Richard was just becoming famous. My mother rather liked him and told a friend that she was beginning to like young boys. "Oh yes" said the friend "little boys are so sweet" My mother said "I was thinking more of 18 year olds!"

Calendargirl Thu 07-Dec-23 21:37:14

As a latecomer to Mad Men, I have a definite crush on Don Draper.

Handsome, suave, charismatic, a right b…..d with women, but somehow vulnerable also.


TerriBull Thu 07-Dec-23 22:12:49

I can't imagine having a crush on say Harry Styles or Timothee Chalamet, they're younger than my sons! Men such as Brad Pitt, very attractive, are aging along with the rest of us nearly 60 I believe! well out of his youthful phase now.

Margs Thu 07-Dec-23 22:20:10

Sir Mark Rylance - the best ever portrayal of Thomas Cromwell.

RosiesMaw Thu 07-Dec-23 22:24:21

Ask me again when I am an old lady! gringrin
In the meantime, Rufus Sewell, Mark Rylance, David Tennant, Charles Dance (be still my beating heart!) among others!

Louella12 Thu 07-Dec-23 22:37:15

My friend loves Harry Styles, and my daughter-in-law says her crush is Timothee Chalamet ( whoever he is)

Harry is lovely. Seen him twice in concert.

As for Timothèe, he's a beautiful young man. I'm looking forward to seeing Wonka this weekend

I wouldn't say i had a crush on them but they're very easy on the eye 😏

Callistemon21 Thu 07-Dec-23 22:38:56

The man in the Boss advert is rather gorgeous 😲

I didn't know who he was, looked him up and realised he's my DD's ideal man, Chris Hemsworth.

He'd make a lovely SIL 😁

BlueBelle Thu 07-Dec-23 22:40:13

Half the people mentioned I ve never heard of 😂
No don’t think I have really, there’s men I admire and some I go phooh over, but not a crush