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Call The Midwife.

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Calendargirl Mon 25-Dec-23 21:52:39

Just watched the Christmas special.

Feel like I have swallowed a whole bottle of golden syrup.

How many more times is Sister Monica Joan going to predict her end is nigh?

flappergirl Mon 25-Dec-23 23:31:13

I watched most of it too. I don't know why because I've never followed the series and if this is anything to go by I never will. It was beyond twee and I'm pretty sure it bears little semblance to the reality of the time. I realise it's supposed to be "feel good" TV but I'm afraid it just made me feel the opposite.

Joseann Mon 25-Dec-23 23:39:28

For me it went on too long tonight, not enough content really.
Unlike Eastenders. Wow! I'm still processing it! 😲

JenniferEccles Mon 25-Dec-23 23:45:00

Yes EastEnders certainly lived up to its hype didn’t it?
Can’t believe it was back in February when we had that taster of what was to come over Christmas.

kittylester Tue 26-Dec-23 07:37:54

We haven't watched Call the Midwife yet although I intended to. However, Stenders was brilliant.

Aveline Tue 26-Dec-23 07:40:02

Call the Midwife is so far past it's sell by date. Can't believe two more series have been commissioned. It's saccharin on steroids.

notnecessarilywiser Tue 26-Dec-23 11:27:58

I was genuinely surprised to see Sister Monica Joan because I thought she was already dead!

In spite of the schmaltzy content (and characters that get on my nerves - I'm looking at you, Turner family) I do still watch and enjoy it.

mumofmadboys Tue 26-Dec-23 11:29:44

I tried to watch it but fell asleep!

Smileless2012 Tue 26-Dec-23 11:31:29

It was OK and I've watched the series from the very beginning having before it started, read the book the first series was based on.

I think they're running out of ideas now and I do find the amount of focus on Sister Monica Joan rather tiresome.

Mand61 Tue 26-Dec-23 11:37:08

Hi everyone. I'm new here, just joined today. I'm glad to see others think the same way. From the programmes I've watched over the years, this year only Eastenders had me hooked. I agree with the comments around Call the Midwife and the characters looked jaded to me. As for Mrs Brown's Boys...not a titter from me this year. Boring. Go Eastenders! Yey!

Parsley3 Tue 26-Dec-23 11:40:35

I accidentally switched on the final minutes of this and thought that it must be a repeat as Sister MJ was once again predicting her demise. Then there was a round of characters looking dewy eyed at each other. I might not bother watching the whole thing now after reading these reviews.

Calendargirl Tue 26-Dec-23 12:22:59

And the Nativity scene with Trixie and Matthew as Mary and Joseph! 🤮.

Or did I imagine that?

Nannan2 Tue 26-Dec-23 12:37:26

No it was there Calendargirl!-i think maybe the actress (for sister monica joan) maybe keeps saying she will retire? So they keep on almost bringing around a suitable demise for her- then she changes her mind? Then the writers do it again next year.....and so on.Surely she would be happy to put to put her feet up by now & retire to a nice old nuns home by the sea?

Nannan2 Tue 26-Dec-23 12:45:00

I think they've commissioned enough to take them up to early 70's like the books from original Jennifer worth or something? Its a shame they never kept her in at all not even as a visitor now& again(in real life folk do go back & revisit old friends etc!) I think there was one show when it was the elderly jennifer & her husband shown briefly but that's all- also the old lady papery voice at beginning & end i think is supposed to be hers- but it gets on my nerves as i can barely tell what she is saying.

Grandma70s Tue 26-Dec-23 12:45:51

Call the Midwife used to be great, but it has become impossibly sentimental now. I still watch it, though!

sodapop Tue 26-Dec-23 12:46:35

Yes it was definitely a schmaltzy crowd pleaser but I still watched it. An antidote to Eastenders which was powerful.

Nannan2 Tue 26-Dec-23 12:49:34

Yes Eastenders was good but maybe they could have given more time to it and indeed to ALL the soaps for christmas episodes as i realised they had just shoved it all into their usual half hour slots being a monday! In other years past the soaps always had an hour special regardless of what day christmas fell on.

Anniebach Tue 26-Dec-23 12:54:20

Sister Monica Joan has dementia so would be repetitive

Aveline Tue 26-Dec-23 13:38:13

EastEnders did have an hour slot.

SueDonim Tue 26-Dec-23 16:08:09


And the Nativity scene with Trixie and Matthew as Mary and Joseph! 🤮.

Or did I imagine that?

I’ve just watched it and was giggling at the very thought of a virginal Trixie! grin

It is sugary sweet but I enjoyed it anyway and also, I think I’m a bit in love with Geoffrey. 😍

shysal Tue 26-Dec-23 17:04:13

Mand61, welcome, I hope you will enjoy Gransnet.

I watched Midwife this afternoon, and found it rather predictable and sentimental. However I shall continue to watch the future series.

Mojack26 Wed 27-Dec-23 12:59:37

I guess it was meant to be 1969 with man landing on the moon. I was 13 our house never looked like anything on Call the Midwife. To me it's all still stuck in 40's...Still watch it though but agree with everyone

Overthemoongran Wed 27-Dec-23 13:12:30

I’ve watched every episode from the very first one and couldn’t countenance missing one…but I do agree it is a bit too much at times. There again, there is so much horror on our screens these days it is quite nice to sit down ( with the obligatory box of tissues) and just wallow in something ‘nice’. It was supposed to be Christmas 1968, when Apollo 8 was circling the earth.

Ellie Anne Wed 27-Dec-23 13:48:02

If it was meant to be 69 the hair , fashion etc definitely didn’t fit.
Agree it’s not as good as it used to be but I enjoyed it anyway

Peaches7 Wed 27-Dec-23 13:49:34

Well,I loved the Christmas special of call the midwife,