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Morning Live on BBC 1

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namo Tue 13-Feb-24 10:46:30

Does anyone else like this programme? I watch it later on iPlayer rather than in the morning. It’s interesting and entertaining and they seem to enjoy themselves. It covers health, DIY, gardening, financial advice, news, etc. I’ve learnt a lot.

kittylester Tue 13-Feb-24 12:03:51

I love it but don't go out of my way to watch. If it's on and I'm around I really enjoy it.

Cheesey Tue 13-Feb-24 13:55:16

I really like this too. Interesting and entertaining with really personable presenters.

The only bit I don’t like is the cringeworthy exercise bit at the end which seems to be compulsory for all on the show that day to join in. They look so embarrassed sometimes and I switch off when that bit comes on.

DanniRae Wed 14-Feb-24 07:30:43

I LOVE this programme ....... it is informative and interesting and they all seem to get on so well! It really cheers me up smile

Freya5 Wed 14-Feb-24 09:06:21

I don't watch any morning TV, or BBC at all. Just listen to classical music on you tube. Much better for me.

Calendargirl Wed 14-Feb-24 10:23:14

The only time I watch morning tv is if there is a general election, or if someone really famous has died.

henetha Wed 14-Feb-24 10:54:28

I'm not allowed to put the tv on until after 2pm each day. It's a self imposed rule. I don't know why I stick to it so rigidly, but I do. (exceptions are big national events only, like the Queen's funeral).