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ONE DAY on Netflix

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Sparklefizz Tue 13-Feb-24 12:00:18

Anyone watching One Day? I read the book by David Nicholls back in 2009 and enjoyed it so much that I deliberately avoided the film version starring Anne Hathaway trying to do a Yorkshire accent.

But ... I decided to give the new version on NF a try, and it is lovely and beautifully acted and now that I'm getting close to the end I am starting to feel bereft already.

Just a tip - have your hankie ready!

CazB Tue 13-Feb-24 12:06:41

I'm enjoying it too and had read the book years ago, but forgotten what happens.

Tenko Tue 13-Feb-24 12:12:52

I binge watched the first 8 episodes and loved it. It was a bit slow at the beginning but I’ve read the book and remember the beginning being a bit slow too. I really like the two main actors and I didn’t see the film as I liked the book so much .
The episodes are short so it’s easy to get through .

Visgir1 Tue 13-Feb-24 12:21:22

Binged it last weekend.. Its beautiful, so worth a watch.

Sparklefizz Tue 13-Feb-24 13:50:50

Leo, the actor playing Dexter, has such an expressive face. His broken heart shows all over it.

keepcalmandcavachon Tue 13-Feb-24 14:05:54

Thankyou for the recommendation Sparklefizz, I shall look forward to this as I too loved the book, I'll ration myself to one episode at a time as it sounds more-ishsmile

Sparklefizz Tue 13-Feb-24 14:17:27

Betcha won’t be able to keep to that Cavachon

Bridie22 Tue 13-Feb-24 14:20:28

Onto episode 4, loved the book and I'm enjoying the series.

Happygirl79 Tue 13-Feb-24 14:59:24

I binge watched the whole series and thoroughly recommend it to everyone.
It was so beautifully acted and the main characters were very obviously carefully chosen to make it work well.

TopsyIrene06 Tue 13-Feb-24 15:09:30

Loved it especially the two main characters. Ambika Mod is a favourite of mine having seen her in "This is Going to Hurt" with an equally (spoiler alert) sad ending for her.

BlueSapphire Tue 13-Feb-24 16:08:12

Have got a post it note in the corner of my tv screen to remind me to watch it! Read the book years ago and loved it.

Sago Tue 13-Feb-24 17:47:39

It is outstanding.

Oh to be young again!

Sparklefizz Tue 13-Feb-24 17:49:56

I agree sago - outstanding!

Gingster Tue 13-Feb-24 17:52:51

Just finished watching it and I loved it.
As others have said it’s a bit slow to start with but you soon become hooked.
So emotional.

Poppyred Tue 13-Feb-24 18:01:54

It’s on film4 tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) at 6.40pm, for anyone without Netflix.

harrigran Wed 14-Feb-24 01:01:15

Watched all episodes today, really well acted.

Nightsky2 Wed 14-Feb-24 10:48:38

Absolutely loved it, great acting.

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Feb-24 13:24:24

😮😮😮😮 I’ve just started watching it and the two students at the beginning are almost identical to my GS and his girlfriend.

Not sure I can continue - it is making me embarrassed! 😮😮😮

Whitewavemark2 Wed 14-Feb-24 13:28:59

He even did computer science - this is too weird! Although GF didn’t do English

Sago Wed 14-Feb-24 13:33:26

In the Netflix series Dex read Anthropology.

J52 Wed 14-Feb-24 14:10:43

I agree it’s fabulous. I’ve read the book and watched the previous film, but this version certainly is outstanding.
Although I obviously knew the ending, the way it was adapted still had me enthralled and shedding a tear.
Up there with ‘Love Story’.

keepcalmandcavachon Wed 14-Feb-24 18:50:13

Betcha won’t be able to keep to that Cavachon

OMG, Sparklefizz you win! Episode 2 just finishing & I'm in for whole of the moon........

merlotgran Fri 16-Feb-24 12:14:08

OMG What a misery fest!

Sparklefizz Fri 16-Feb-24 13:40:36


Betcha won’t be able to keep to that Cavachon

OMG, Sparklefizz you win! Episode 2 just finishing & I'm in for whole of the moon........

Haha! I knew it. Enjoy!

Gracefulone Fri 16-Feb-24 18:32:28

Loved it, brilliant characters & such a lot of emotion. Brings back memories of life pre mobile phones when we talked to each other and phoned people on the landline.