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The way - can’t follow it

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Ellie Anne Fri 23-Feb-24 14:58:33

Has anyone watched this programme.? I’ve watched the first episode and haven’t a clue who is who and what’s going on.

keepingquiet Fri 23-Feb-24 16:27:18

I felt the same but did get to the end and now I'm watching it again. I thought it was brilliant- creative and thought-provoking drama the like of which we don't see anymore. Creative, magical and mythical. political, current and historic like a fabric woven with many strands that came together wonderfully at the end.
I thought it was beyond TV drama- a work of art in fact.
I urge you to stay with it .

Ellie Anne Fri 23-Feb-24 18:05:05

Maybe I need to watch it again

keepingquiet Fri 23-Feb-24 20:02:37

Did you get to the end?- I admit the first episode isn't the best.

Desdemona Fri 23-Feb-24 20:45:06

My daughter has the watched the first 2 episodes and said it is "weird but good" and said I should watch it.

Might watch the first one later.

Tenko Fri 23-Feb-24 21:56:32

I struggled with the first one

Oreo Fri 23-Feb-24 21:57:30

Watched the first one, I’ll stick with it and see.

NotSpaghetti Sat 24-Feb-24 05:36:15

We also watched the first one. I thought it needed editing as the riot scenes were a bit overlong but felt there were sympathetic characters and lots of interesting ideas.

If you don't get it Ellie Anne there will be a synopsis online. It's basically a family drama as far as I can see with shades of legends, past trauma and, I suspect, as it progresses, migration.

Calendargirl Sat 24-Feb-24 08:56:29

Watched the first 10 minutes and thought ‘no thanks’ and switched off.

AGAA4 Sat 24-Feb-24 14:41:00

I have watched 2 episodes. First was hard going but it's getting much better so will carry on.

Bobbysgirl19 Mon 26-Feb-24 22:28:39

Watched one and a half episodes and now given up. Found it very strange!

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Mar-24 22:59:24

Just watched the second episode.
I got very confused as they were supposed to have escaped to England but seemed to be in Monmouth so presumed they had lost their way 🤔

Deedaa Mon 04-Mar-24 23:16:48

I tried the first episode because I loved Sherwood, and who could resist Michael Sheen? I couldn't follow it at all, maybe I should try a gain.

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Mar-24 23:20:57

We started watching episode 3 which is weirder still but realised we hadn't watched episode 2 so watched that tonight.

It's very odd!

Pittcity Tue 05-Mar-24 07:33:23

I understood it to allude to present day situations, such as companies moving abroad, lack of carers and small boats. I tried to watch it as more of an allegory than a straight story.
There were a lot of unanswered questions at the end though.

Callistemon21 Tue 05-Mar-24 10:43:47

Yes, it is an allegory. Too much squabbling and other family peculiarities to distract from the main story, though.

Sparklefizz Tue 05-Mar-24 11:41:13

It's had absolutely terrible reviews with no stars at all.

Callistemon21 Tue 05-Mar-24 12:17:43

I was distracted by trying to work out where they were when they were trekking to England (but ended up still in Wales) 😁

It's a bit of a detour to go from Hay-on-Wye to Cheltenham via Monmouth.