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Bergerac set to return.

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Jaxjacky Mon 04-Mar-24 18:49:39

Anyone remember it?
Tipped for the lead role is Aidan Turner, with David Tennant and James Norton also in the running.

Grandmabatty Mon 04-Mar-24 18:50:30

Ooh. I remember it well. I loved it

lemsip Mon 04-Mar-24 18:53:42

i shall look forward to that,

merlotgran Mon 04-Mar-24 18:54:22

Aidan Turner please!

Calendargirl Mon 04-Mar-24 19:13:46

Bergerac will always be John Nettles though.

Freya5 Mon 04-Mar-24 19:28:12

Used to really enjoy this, we'll see.

Freya5 Mon 04-Mar-24 19:30:13


Bergerac will always be John Nettles though.

Absolutely. On a lovely visit to Jersey, my son took me to see that lovely car used in the series.

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Mar-24 19:34:02


Bergerac will always be John Nettles though.

Hear hear.

Interestingly, John Nettles's daughter joined the States of Jersey Police.

Callistemon21 Mon 04-Mar-24 19:35:15



Bergerac will always be John Nettles though.

Absolutely. On a lovely visit to Jersey, my son took me to see that lovely car used in the series.

Yes, we went too.
I had my photo taken with John Nettles 😃
Unfortunately, it was only a cardboard figure.

Desdemona Mon 04-Mar-24 19:36:00

This is VERY good news. Aidan Turner please. It would be good if Jon Nettles would agree to a cameo role in it (does he still do any acting these days?)

Jane71 Mon 04-Mar-24 19:40:53

Oh I loved Bergerac back in the day. John Nettles was lovely.

Joseann Mon 04-Mar-24 19:45:38

John Nettles lives in North Devon, not far from Bude. He does the Devon & Cornwall programmes which visit interesting places down here. More as a narrator than an actor. He was great as Bergerac.
Aidan Turner for my liking.

HelterSkelter1 Mon 04-Mar-24 19:49:34

Oh I loved Bergerac and his pretty french girlfriend. He was soooo young as was I! Such a watchable series and scenery.

Annette Badland as well?? I wonder what she is doing.

pascal30 Mon 04-Mar-24 20:13:28

I loved the locations.. James Norton for me

TinSoldier Mon 04-Mar-24 20:58:17

Annette Badland is now the pathologist on Midsomer Murders.

There's a 2022 Midsomer Murders 25 Years of Mayhem showing on ITVX featuring a much older John Nettles, Neil Dudgeon and lots of the other MM actors including Badland.

Whiff Tue 05-Mar-24 06:59:05

Tom Chambers would be great. More like a young John Nettles .

keepcalmandcavachon Tue 05-Mar-24 07:59:33

Lovely Toby Jones!

Amalegra Wed 06-Mar-24 11:16:33

Pity they can’t think of any decent new series instead of constantly resurrecting blasts from the past!

albertina Wed 06-Mar-24 11:18:31

Ooh I had a thing for John Nettles. Never missed Bergerac. He came to the Theatre Royal in a Shakespeare play so I dragged my friend along to see him. Unfortunately he was playing a character covered in what looked like mud and riddled with ringworm or something similar all over his body. He was very good in it though, just not as handsome as usual.

grandMattie Wed 06-Mar-24 11:20:53

DH and I loved it. We lived in Jersey at the time, and loved to see Bergerac driving round a corner and coming out at some completely different area of the island! :-) We used to dine in "Diamond Lil's" restaurant/pub.
I suspect the island has changed beyond recognition...

polnan Wed 06-Mar-24 11:26:26

yes, John Nettles is Bergerac,,, so voting here? lol
James Norton.

Labradora Wed 06-Mar-24 11:29:15

Aidan Turner, David Tennant and James Norton

Could all three of them be in it ????

Loved this show. Welcome back.

sweetcakes Wed 06-Mar-24 11:42:06

Aidan Turner or James Norton for me as for David Tennant over exposed at the moment.
Apparently John Nettles is going to make a cameo appearance says my husband but could be social media gossip.

Grandmabatty Wed 06-Mar-24 11:52:18

I'm not sure that David Tennant is 'overexposed' at the moment. Can you explain why you think that?
I think James Norton would be good.

Secondwind Wed 06-Mar-24 11:59:39

Now who’d give John Nettles a run for his money.

It’ll be Shoestring next…