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Big Brother Anyone

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rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 21:41:04

Love this programme, Gary Goldsmith has just gone in should be interesting.

MiniMoon Mon 04-Mar-24 21:44:00

No thank you.

rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 21:44:24

Fair enough

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 21:45:38

I'm in!

Sharon and Louis - not sure what to say. CraigfromCorrie seems lovely. The singer who's just gone in seems annoying, but not as much as this bloke. Gary could go either way, I reckon.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 21:46:47

Oh, and the dancer and the Love Island woman - both a bit insipid, but it's early days.

I don't know much about any of them apart from CraigfromCorrie and the X Factor ones.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 21:47:24

Why is he not wearing any trousers?

rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 21:49:50

Yes put me off a bit, liking the guy from Corrie, even though Louie said he had big ears.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 21:54:19

He seems really nice, and as a Corrie fan I'm used to his ears.

Sharon and Louis are not great ads for cosmetic surgery, are they? They'd frighten small children.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 21:56:04

Levi Roots always seems nice, too. I have to stop saying 'nice' grin. I never know what to think at this stage. At least I've heard of him, which is more than I can say for most of the others.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 21:56:18

Is nobody else watching?

rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 21:58:28

Sharon and Louie definatly not good ads for cosmetic surgery, Glad to see Levi Roots.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:00:51

No idea who this one is either, but I wish they wouldn't squeal.

rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 22:01:24

I was wondering that, I had my first decline before you came on. Never know there may be others.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:03:22

Another one who's been surgically 'enhanced'. No idea who she is either.

I do love this show when it gets going, but I'm a bit baffled at this stage.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:05:05

They all seem to know one another, so they're a step ahead of me.

rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 22:08:27

Lauren was on the housewives series. I don't think Sharon took to her or David.

Anniebach Mon 04-Mar-24 22:13:49

I know one Fern Britton

Shelflife Mon 04-Mar-24 22:14:02

Never watched this show before, however I am watching now ! Levi is a favourite for me. As for Gary Goldsmith, what is he thinking of !? The Royal Family must be horrified and I am sure Catherine' s parents are. Hope he is evicted before he causes embarrassment.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:14:22

Oh, this is more like it - Fern Britton.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:15:19

Great - we've got a gang together. I much prefer watching this in company, and Mr D refuses to engage😡

BlueBelle Mon 04-Mar-24 22:15:21

Just the two of you so far 😀

No not I

MayBee70 Mon 04-Mar-24 22:16:16

I didn’t realise it was on. I need a distraction. I only know Fern Britain, though!

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:17:10

Fern looks great. She's very professional, too - she's bound to be in with a chance. Fern, CraigfromCorrie and Levi are my favourites.

Doodledog Mon 04-Mar-24 22:19:30


Just the two of you so far 😀

No not I

There's no escape, BlueBelle. We will hunt you down 😈. All the cool people are here.

We have Maybee, Annie, Shelflife, rachifagran, so we're quorate.

rafichagran Mon 04-Mar-24 22:19:52

Fern Britain, so pleased, I like her. Bluebelle come and join.