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Yesterday new "feel good" film - Richard Curtis/Danny Boyle

24 Blinko


43 kittylester

Sorry, Nadiya but I watched your new series in disbelief!

41 Washerwoman

Archers Addicts.

373 Lazigirl

Searching for a lost cassette tape

3 rosecarmel

Inside Chinas digital Gulag

5 rosecarmel

Feel good films

50 BBbevan


45 Anniebach

Radio 4, 6.30pm comedy slot

7 Septimia

BBC IPlayer

3 NanKate

rewatched Indian Summers

9 mosaicwarts

Downtown Abbey on ITV 3

4 Tangerine

Escape to the Chateau

30 Minniemoo

Judi Dench in Borneo

52 Callistemon

Question Time

5 Ellianne

Mum's back!!

122 justanovice

Gentleman Jack.

127 Calendargirl

"Celebrity" ; Gogglebox?

32 Anniebach

Killing Eve

65 Callistemon

What a bloody awful noise!

2 LullyDully

Years and Years

49 Labaik

A third Murray brother - oh, how we wish

5 Grammaretto

Desert Island Discs

4 paddyann

The Light Between Oceans

25 Helga5555

The Last Czars on Nextflix

5 Jabberwok

Rhys Jones, the Clue that found the Killer

2 gransal

whitechapel on netflix

5 Shirleyw

What makes you reach (or run!) for the Off button?

206 Forestflame

Sykes has died

9 sodapop

Antiques Road Trip, on Really,

5 Auntieflo

The Looming Tower BBC2

16 oldgimmer1

The Handmaid's Yale

5 BradfordLass72

Fraud Squad NHS

1 jura2


53 Jane43

Bodies Jed Mercurio on IPlayer

31 Nannylovesshopping

Next weeks schedule

20 jusnoneed

White Teeth on Channel 4

6 Gonegirl


75 merlotgran

Beecham House-ITV.

38 BlueBelle

New series of The Handmaid’s Tale

26 travelsafar


6 grannyticktock


11 ninathenana

Cardiff Singer of the World.

8 merlotgran

Return of Hold the Sunset

3 Blinko

Hairdresser on The One Show

6 Avor2

Long Lost Family

28 Anniebach


45 SparklyGrandma

Have you ever been asked?

7 Pittcity

Keeping Faith - new series

19 Pittcity

Danny Boyle and James Bond

1 Callistemon