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50 plus and unemployed.

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Berengaria Sat 17-Dec-11 07:31:43

I have been out of work for three years after being made redundant from what I considered a good job in London. For my sanity alone, amongst other reasons, I have been looking for new employment since that time but to no avail.
Due to a disability from birth I can only consider office work or part time retail positions. I also do not drive so that is why I favour London for any work opportunities. Yes, before anybody asks I have done voluntary work in the past and in the present. Indeed, when made redundant I looked around for voluntary posts on Reception so I could learn it.
I would welcome any suggestions and also to converse with those in a similar position.

JessM Sat 17-Dec-11 08:36:14

Hi there. Sorry to hear about this. There are a number of us on gransnet that have experience this problem in recent years. I am probably teaching my gran to suck eggs as the saying goes - but have your registered with ALL you local employment agencies? Reed, Manpower etc etc etc And then rung them up regularly to let them know you are still available.
A lot of people in our age group look in the paper, jobcentre etc without recognising that nearly all office work is controlled by agencies.

susiecb Sat 17-Dec-11 10:02:38

Have you tried web based networking sites such as Linked in also the NHS only recruits via NHS Jobs now so have a look at registering on this. Sorry I cant be more help it must be so frustrating for you. I hope you have some luck

orijen Thu 26-Apr-12 13:00:54

Hi sorry to hear you have had problems finding employment. I am with a direct selling company which is a member of the DSA. If you would like to know more then do get in touch, I have been with Oriflame for 30 years so feel safe that it is not a scam.