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Well, that's it then, my last day.

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Anne58 Tue 20-Mar-12 20:43:07

What the title says, really.

Felt very odd, in fact felt bloody awful. I deliberately didn't tell everyone that it was my last day. Talking to potential clients on the phone and by email (including the prime contact from the presentation yesterday) not letting them know that I won't be handling the rest of their programme.

I have just sent the message below to my colleagues.

Hello all,

I'm sorry that I didn't say "goodbye" in person to you all, but I felt that it was a bit more than I could cope with, and besides tissues were not on special offer in Waitrose this week!

I would like to thank you all for the support, advice and help with various things, (I.T., pricing, operational issues etc.) that you have given me over the 6 years that I have been with the company. You have helped me enormously, bearing in mind that I joined knowing very little about mystery shopping, and as I'm sure Chris (and others) will agree, rather limited computer ability! I feel that many of you have been instrumental in enabling me to significantly develop some skills, and for this I am very grateful.

I would particularly like to thank those of you who were so supportive when Jack died, your compassion was appreciated and valued more than you will ever know.

Anyway, enough of this, I would like to ask 2 things of you, if I may, namely:

1.Please keep an eye and and ear out for jobs in the local area that might suit me.
2.Bear me in mind when forwarding any "funnies" that you may get, I can assure you they will be warmly received!
Finally I would like to say that I hope that the company can overcome its' (apostrophe mis-use Paul?, you've made me paranoid!) current difficulties and can move forward, and that you will all enjoy a happy and successful time at Mystery Shoppers,

Kind regards and best wishes to you all,

Jacey Tue 20-Mar-12 20:54:51

It will be interesting to see who acknowledges your e-mail phoenix ...thought it was interesting that you didn't let them know how you had come to leave.

Take care of your self've a lot to offer your next employer ...keep cheerful until that happens. Hugs and good wishes flowers

jeni Tue 20-Mar-12 21:14:53

I'll bet it's not long before you have another job! You strike me as being the type that any sensible employer would kill for!grin

Anne58 Tue 20-Mar-12 21:26:54

Thank you, jeni but in this neck of the woods the jobs are a bit thin on the ground!

Jacey the redundancy issue was not a secret, hence my not covering the reason in the email.

Everyone was aware, in fact the MD sent round a questionnaire regarding how cost savings might be made to avoid the redundancies, thanks for the good wishes and the flowers!

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Tue 20-Mar-12 21:31:25

flowers from all of us

Carol Tue 20-Mar-12 21:40:47

phoenix no-one should leave their job without a leaving present - you have been marvellous this last few days, turning everything round so constructively, so I'm sure you will get your hand snatched off and find a better job. Therefore, we've had a (virtual) whip round and here is your present!

It's a state of the art Gransnet broomstick with bluetooth and a built-in satnav to whizz you to your interviews. Note the pop-up salon on the back, which will groom you for your interviews as you step off and face your eager interview panels. For after your interviews, here is a celebratory bottle of champagne (the Widow) to toast your inevitable success. Good luck (although you won't need it!) flowers

Anne58 Tue 20-Mar-12 21:45:05

Thank you Geraldine, much appreciated.

Got any jobs going? I'm very adaptable, can turn my hand to a lot of things, editing, creative writing, plus other hands on skills such as lambing (although,I don't expect there's much call for that at Gransnet HQ, even if I do have a small hand)

Oh well, onward and upward.

glammanana Tue 20-Mar-12 21:48:47

phoenix once word is out you are available for projects you will be snapped up I'm sure,have you given any thought about freelance as yet.?

glassortwo Tue 20-Mar-12 22:00:00

Good luck phoenix I am sure a new employer will soon be knocking at your door. flowers you might be needing a few of these tonight wine wine wine

Anne58 Tue 20-Mar-12 22:14:49

Carol you daft thing! And I mean that in the best sense!!
Glamma thank you for the thought, but my location could be a problem.

PS. The "team" of 3 that will be taking over responsibility for some aspects of my role , include 1 that will not do presentations, 1 that has only done presentations with me, and 1 that has never done a presentation!

Doesn't change things, though.

Forgive me if I temporarily disappear from this thread, I have some scotch to drink and some wounds to lick.

I fully appreciate that I must focus on moving forward, applying for jobs etc (I have already done so) but I think that in some respects, I will give myself 3 days off. (The rest of the week, but of course I will continue to check the job sites)

Annobel Tue 20-Mar-12 22:41:22

Good luck, phoenix, not that you need it, of course. ((((hugs)))) flowers wine cupcake

gracesmum Tue 20-Mar-12 22:41:37

I think you have shown great generosity of spirit and they don't deserve that after the way you have been treated. They will miss you and see the error of their ways but that probably won't make any difference as life is too often unfair. But YOU can walk away with your head held high and with yourself respect.

Notsogrand Tue 20-Mar-12 23:20:49

phoenix, d'you know what you have that knocks spots of most other people?


Your next employer will soon realise how fortunate they are to have hired you.

Take care. x

bagitha Wed 21-Mar-12 06:21:37

phoenix, I'm full of admiration! Good luck.

JessM Wed 21-Mar-12 06:49:29

Good morning Phoenix. I hope you are feeling Ok this morning. You can be assured that the GN team will be on your side between now and the first day of your next job. I imagine you sailing into the recruitment agencies, in your best suit, big smile, with an army of virtual grandmothers escorting you.

Libradi Wed 21-Mar-12 07:13:13

Good luck with finding a new job phoenix flowers sunshine

Gally Wed 21-Mar-12 08:02:09

Phoenix flowers Look upon today as the first day of the rest of your life; you will find something very soon!!

nanachrissy Wed 21-Mar-12 08:15:30

Good luck Phoenix with everything. They don't make 'em like you much these days!
Our generation seem to work our butts off and often just don't get appreciated for it.
Some discerning person out there will snap you up! (((hugs))) flowers

GoldenGran Wed 21-Mar-12 08:52:13

Good luck Phoenix flowers

kittylester Wed 21-Mar-12 09:48:11

Morning Phoenix hope you had a good sleep and didn't worry too much. Take a few days break, as you said, then back into the fray. ((((hugs))))

effblinder Wed 21-Mar-12 10:07:52

flowers from me Phoenix. You will be fine - you've got a great attitude and the gran-army to perk you up and arm you for the battle ahead if you ever need it smile

syberia Wed 21-Mar-12 12:25:46

Phoenix, I can only echo the thoughts of the other grans. Fate will take a hand and you will soon be on the up and up x x

Anne58 Wed 21-Mar-12 22:57:17

I am getting pretty emotional reading these posts, will you lot please tone it down a bit?! Actually, many, many thanks to all, it is very much appreciated.

Just to up-date, submitted 4 applications over the past weekend, a couple via agencies. One agency left a voicemail on my mobile at 8.30am Monday, so I assumed she liked my CV & covering email. (The application was for a specific job that they had listed, not one just sent on spec)

Returned her call, told by her colleague that she would be in meetings most of the day. ( Told her colleague that I was off to Bristol to present, so may not be available by phone, he said she would probably email me. She didn't) Phoned her on Tuesday, told she was on another call, she would call me later in the day. She didn't. Phoned her today, actually got to speak to her. She didn't have time to have a proper discussion, but she said she would call me at 4pm. She didn't. These people charge a lot of commission for the companies that ask them to find staff for them. I'm so cross, she first contacted me, so she must think I'm possibly a fit for the job I responded to, but doesn't seem able to actually sort herself out to progress anything!

I have an appointment at the Jobcentre tomorrow at 10.45. Deep joy.

Sewsilver Wed 21-Mar-12 23:10:03

Phoenix, I was so impressed with your message to your ex colleagues. Humour and no trace of self pity. The agency woman doesn't sound as if she deserves to have you on her books. Hope something comes up soon.

kittylester Thu 22-Mar-12 05:14:11

Phoenix enjoy your meeting today!!!

One of my daughters applied for a specific job through an agency and got the run-around like you. It turned out the job had actually gone weeks ago (to a friend of my daughter) and they were using it as a lure to get people on their books. angry