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Grandparents having to give up work

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distaffgran Tue 12-Jun-12 13:19:16

I just spotted an article in the Telegraph saying grandparents are having to give up work to look after their grandchildren.
I think it's really about full-time carers but I often feel guilty that I'm not able to be more useful because of my job. I wondered if others had faced this dilemma and whether anyone had made a choice, rather than dithering, like me?

nelliedeane Tue 12-Jun-12 14:51:21

Hi Distaffgran I haven't seen your name before so if you are new then welcome on behalf of myself and other GNs
The situation described is my situation exactly,and as you rightly say is for kinship carers that do the caring by taking the child into their home as their own child.
The article could have been describing my life exactly,but would I have made a different choice I answer for myself and not in criticism of any one who doesn't,it can be challenging,life changing,beset with anxiety and worry about finances and your own health and relationships with your peers,colleagues and even your own family are affected....but yes I would do it again,I can look at myself in the mirror and like myself I couldnt let my DGD go into care,I promised her when she was born I would give my life for her and how prophetic my words have been,she keeps me young and we have really good times among the bad ,but you must do whatever is right for you and your circumstancesxxxxxxx

nightowl Tue 12-Jun-12 16:21:37

Hello distaffgran and welcome if you are new. I think there are two threads running on this subject which may be why you haven't had many replies yet. From what you say it seems you are asking about helping with child care rather than providing full time care, is that right? I face that dilemma at the moment. I have looked after my DGS for the last year while DD is at uni and I also work full time evenings and weekends, so it has all worked out well. However my job is about to be radically reorganised and I will no longer be able to do both, so I have to make a big decision. I enjoy working and need the money, but I adore my GS and my daughter will not be able to complete her degree without my support. It is a very difficult decision, particularly as I always worked when my own children were small and I wanted to have more time when grandchildren came along, rather than still be juggling.

nellie you are remarkable flowers